newbe bilding a gameing rig need help with psu

i am bildiing a mid powered gameing rig and the hardware is how folowed
intel pentem d 3.20ghz
gigabite mobo don't remeber what model is
2 256mb ddr 400 ram sticks
stock cpu cooler
1 tricoler led fan 80mm
1 blue led fan 120mm
2 12"red ccf with sound actavated
Asus Radeon 9550 Gaming Edition / 256MB DDR / AGP 8x/4x / DVI / VGA / TV Out / Video Card
how many watts power do i need for it?the complete system i don't want to spend over $85.00 on one.
tell me a good brand and how many watts. :)
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  1. The Pentium D is power hungry, but nothing else in that build is. 350W would be more than enough.

    ernman 400W

    Thats a good one for example. Enermax, Antec, Fortron few others make good ones. Don't get a generic piece of garbage.
  2. I don't want to burst your bubble, but that system is no where near being a mid power gaming rig. On a scale of 1-10, I'd give it a 2. A gaming rig needs at least 1GB of RAM now-a-days. 2x256MB modules is just not enough.

    If you haven't purchased the components, what is your budget? That would help alot to make every penny count.

    Also, you don't mention where you live. Are you in the US or abroad?

    To answer your question, MSI TurboStream 600W - $78. It also has 22A on both rails. For the price, it can't be beat. It might be more than what you need, but since you said your budget is 85 bucks, you can buy this and make sure the next time you upgrade that your PSU will be able to handle it.
  3. i want to buy 1gb of ram later when i have the money and i live in the US.
    i just want to play need for speed underground and need for speed most wanted,there are a few older games i want to play like drag racer v3.i like to play GTA games will that card be ok with that.i played all of the games but most wanted on my celeron 2 socket 370 950mhz xpu with onboard video and 256mb of ram with windowes xp.i just want to have a pc that dosn't have all of the lag in the games.
  4. i won't buy a thing from EVER again i have had a bad exprance form the last PSU i got for my other rig i mentened about before
  5. Well then, buy the PSU from someplace else. I suggested a PSU. I didn't say you had to buy it at Newegg. Manufacturers do make bad products from time to time. Just because you bought a bad one from Newegg doesn't make Newegg a bad place to buy products. Now, if Newegg told you to go "fly-a-kite" and wouldn't allow you to RMA the product then that would be a different story.

    You can also check out antec, thermaltake, seasonic, enermax or hiper as they all make good PSU's. Check out the amps and not just the wattage. I suggest getting anything 500W or above and at least 16A (though 18 or higher is even better) on the 12V rails. See what fits your budget and buy it.
  6. thanks for suggesting the PSU i am just saying i won't go to newegg to buy stuff. :D i like i will buy from there if any one else has another PSU to recomend please do if no i will get the one that was on
  7. my budget is about $400 US. iknow its not that much but i am fine with my 950mhz pc but it is a b-day gift from my family.they think i need a better pc for my games that is more stable.
  8. You're trying to get blood from a stone, dude, but you're working with what you've got so... 400-500W, Antec or Thermaltake would be good choices. Look for something in the $60-$75 range and make it something rock solid.

    I don't know why you'd blame Newegg for sending you a lemon, dude, the manufacturer is who you should have a problem with. I love Newegg, do 90% of my pc component purchases with them, the rest with FrozenCPU, but the 'Egg rocks. Never had a problem with anything from the 'Egg, spent about $10,,000 the last 2 years. Go with them, look at the specs and reviews, ask questions here if you're unsure of something, and then make a decision.
  9. dude i know its not there falt that they sent a bad PSU.they had the RMA email sent to me in about 20mins.i thinck that i will try newegg again.i like tigerdirect better but i will give them a nother try. :)
    like i said i will try newegg again but i will NOT buy ROSEWILL.STAY AWAY FROM ROSEWILL i got a fan and a psu and they both arn't working.the psu stoped working the 1st day after about 4 hours but the fan worked for about 6 days.
  10. i like antec they have been vary good for me.i have had an antec for about 3 1/2 years and it still works like new Ultra / X2 / 550-Watt / ATX / 120mm Fan / UV Sides / SLI Ready / SATA-Ready / 20/24-Pin / Modular Power Supply
    but this looks good is it? :?:
  11. I forgot to ask, are you going to be using any previous components? Case, hard drive, etc? I didn't see them listed. Also, do you already have a copy of Windows?

    If you don't have a case, then here's my suggestions.

    CPU: AMD Athlon 3700+ San Diego - $93.
    Mobo: ASUS A8N-E - $74
    Video Card: BFG 7600GT Overclocked - $120 after MIR.
    Memory: OCZ Value Series - $112 after MIR. These are the exact same ones I have and I haven't had any problems with them.
    Case/PSU: Antec Sonata II. It's 79 bucks (including shipping) after MIR. Buy this and don't look back. ;-)

    The total for this is $478. You said about. Maybe you can swing another 78 bucks from your family.

    If this is too much, let me know and I'll see what I can find. Unfortunately, memory is expensive at the moment. I bought the same memory a year ago for around 80 bucks after MIR. That would of dropped the total of this system to $446. And then getting a 3200+ instead of the $3700 would save another 24 bucks bringing the total to $422.
  12. i have a case that i want i have it picked out and i have a SATA HDD that i am getting.i am going to get 1gb of ram.$478 is a bit more than i want to spend like i said i am fine with my 950mhz.i would like to stick with intel. i also am ordering windows xp home.FYI i don't like xp pro
  13. yes it is to much i want about $380 before MIR.i have already found the mobo and windows on i want to try to keep evvery thing in one place.
  14. I guess I'm a bit confused. You mentioned you wanted a Pentium D 3.20GHz and now are saying that you are fine with your 950Mhz CPU. :?:

    Sorry about all the bold. Didn't realize I did that. Going to fix it.
  15. For a budget gaming right, I really suggest going the AMD single core route, you dont nee dual core!

    Even if you want dual core go with the Pentium D 805 really inexpensive!
  16. i am saying i am fine with the 950mhz cpu i have now but my family wants me to build a new rig so my games are smoother and more stable i want to get a celeron 3.20 with the gigabite mobo.could you tell me if this is a good PSU Apevia / 500-Watt / ATX / Dual 80mm LED Fan / Black Aluminum, Clear Top / Power Supply
    you can go to
    if you want to see the psu.
  17. :) :lol: :wink: yes it is for budget gaming but i want to keep intel unless i can find an AMD mobo and cpu together for under $100 that would have a speed as good as the intel pentem d 3.20ghz i am looking at getting.the cpu that is AMD and any kind of good board for it for under $100 i would like it to be a combo.i want to get the most i can from the money i am going to spend i w ant the most bang for the buck :D :D
  18. Okay, are you looking at a PENTIUM D or a CELERON D?

    Personal opinion, Celeron's are to CPU's as the Chevy Aveo is to Automobiles.

    The Celeron D 3.2GHz is 75 bucks. The Pentium D 3.2 GHz version is a dual-core and sells for $189.

    Based on this, I would assume a Celeron is really what you are talking about. Another thread was talking about the Celeron. That you buy it and Sell-er-on to someone else.

    The AMD 3200+ for $69 is a much better CPU than the Celeron D at 3.2GHz. I can't even give you a comparison on Tomshardware CPU Charts (here) because they don't even bother with the Celeron's or Sempron's for that matter.

    You mention that the only way you would buy an AMD chip is if you can buy it with a mobo for under 100 dollars. Why isn't the budget the same as what you're willing to buy the Intel chip & mobo combo? I'm sure you are not spending 25 bucks on the mobo with the Celeron D costing 75 bucks.

    You'd be better off buying a Pentium D 805 than that Celeron.
  19. the combo of the intel celeron D and the giabite mobo is a combo with a OEM cpu and it is $99.99 you can see for your self at
    if i could get an AMD that is just as good or better than that for 100.00 or less i will get AMD if not i will stick with the intel.if you find an amd board and cpu combo for $100 or less link it.i will buy a cooler for the cpu if i have to because the cpu doesn't come with a cooler no big deal because i want a better one than comes with the CPU so if it is an OEM that is ok. :D
  20. Quote: buy it and Sell-er-on to someone else

    *the* quote of the day :trophy:

  21. You should give newegg another chance, check this out

    AMD Athlon 64 3400+ OEM $99 shipped
    ECS KN1 Lite 1.0A Socket 939 NVIDIA nForce4 Ultra $0 *FREE* with above CPU purchase

    I think that will be much better at games than the celery chip.
  22. tigerdirect is way cheper than new egg and i have nothing but positive reports for it id recoemend checking it out if u are building a new comp
  23. When procuring a build I usually choose vendors on a per-component basis.

    In this case, since an A64 3400 will definitly outperform a Celeron D 352 in every benchmark newegg would get my purchase...
  24. The retail 3700 is 93 bucks. Sounds a bit of overinflating the price of the 3400. It would of been a better deal to include the 3700 with the mobo.
  25. Quote:
    i won't buy a thing from EVER again

    Very sad to hear that. Anyone who is anyone and everyone who builds computers, buys through newegg. It's a fact.

    If your going to be in the computer modding community, you better become best friends with Newegg really fast.

    I hate Tigerdirect

    Tigerdirect does a lot of schemy things.
    If you will purchase a new product they sometimes will send you a repakaged used product that someone else returned. (they do this to motherboards very often)
    Sometimes if you order retail....they ship you OEM or repakaged products.
    Tigerdirect sucks... stay away!
  26. Word. Getting raped for components sucks. Newegg and Zipzoomfly all the way.
  27. RGR that Ninja

    Newegg and Zipzoomfly FTW!
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