Newegg/Lenovo T61 return...dialogue....see what happens

Please wait while we connect you to a Newegg representative.
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Thank you for contacting Newegg. My name is Sabrina. How may I assist you today?
Brian James: Great...I need to know if I can return for a replacement the included sales order...the laptop works fine but apparently it had been crushed in shipping
Brian James: we only just not noticed it
Brian James: actually my wife noticed it...I did not notice it at first bu tthen she pointed it out to me...the lid does not close flush with the bottom of the laptop on the front and back. I remembered that the box had been crushed
Sabrina: Just a moment please while I check on this for you.
Brian James: I did not think anything about it because it worked fine
Sabrina: Upon checking for you, we show that there is a notebook memeory under your order # 67105752. Would you please confirm with us if the memory is defective?
Brian James: no...the memory is NOT defective....the notebook itself has a physical deformation due to the box being crushed and we JUST NOW noticed it and decided that such a nice looking laptop that is brand new should not look like that
Brian James: and hence would like an exchange....we like the laptop but the crushed look doesn't suit us
Sabrina: Would you please give a detailed description of damage done to outer package?
Brian James: crushed in the middle of the box....the box was about 1.5 ft long and it was crushed in the middle
Brian James: significantly crushed
Sabrina: If item is damaged, how/where is item damaged? Please give a detailed description of damage done to item.
Brian James: again...I did not think anything about it because it worked fine but my wife just used it for the first time and noticed it right away
Brian James: ok....the item is 'bent' in the middle
Brian James: the lid does not close flush with either the front or the back
Sabrina: Would you like to submit a claim for a replacement or a refund?
Brian James: replacement
Brian James: I could take a picture for you
Brian James: would that help?
Sabrina: No, we will submit a claim for you. Please allow 5-7 days to process the claim.
Brian James: ok....I have the Lenovo box and all the stuff it came DID NOT come with a OS cd is aware of that correct?
Brian James: should I format the a HD?? I don't want anyone getting anyfiles from it?
Sabrina: Our Claims Department will inform you of whether you will need to send the damaged product back to us or we will pick it up. Please keep all the thinds youhave received and removed all the password in your notebook.
Brian James: ok...I am not sure if I remove the password from windows if it will require you scan your finger print because I think we set it pu that way. I will have to try and remove that too. The laptop works fine I will emphasize....but does not look right.
Sabrina: Since the item works fine, would you like to keep it as is? We would like to offer you a credit in the amount of $25.00 if you would like to keep it.
Brian James: I just asked my wife and she is particular about these sorts of things which is why she mentioned it....."25.00 dollars on a brand new Lenovo?' she said
Brian James: I realize that its UPS's fault which is why when I PAY to send it back I wil lship it FEZDEX
Brian James: FEDEX
Brian James: I will pay extra for you to ship it back FEDEX
Sabrina: I see, we will submit a claim on your behalf for a replacement. We will send a request to our Claim department and require them to send the replacement to you via FedEx.
Brian James: seriously I will PAY for you to send the next one FEDEX
Brian James: I have bought a lot of stuff from newegg through the years as you can see and I have never scamed you.
Sabrina: We will take care of it.
Brian James: so I hope this will not damage the relationsihp I have with you guys
Sabrina: We hope so. Is there anything else I can do for you?
Brian James: guys are great...I will tell the forums!! Well just to make sure....I will send the laptop back FEDEX tomorrow and will include all the original stuff with it ok
Brian James: no need for you guys to eat even more cost like that...after all it is partially my fault for letting those idiots at UPS touch it
Brian James: !!
Brian James: take care and thank you
Sabrina: Thank you for your understanding. It was truly a pleasure serving you.
Brian James: :D

We'll see what happens when I ship this back. I will post back.
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  1. Dear Customer,

    Thank you for choosing as your online computer parts retailer. We have processed your UPS claim and have created sales order # 23549420 on your behalf for item # 34-146-325. You should be receiving the replacement shortly. Please feel free to follow the status of this order online, as you would with a typical order.

    UPS will reimburse Newegg for the damaged item; therefore the item now belongs to UPS. Once the claim is closed, UPS will contact you directly and pick up the damaged item. We have issued an RMA # 27292320 for you. An RMA confirmation email should have been sent to your login email address. Please print out the barcode in the RMA confirmation email and put it on the outside of the box. However, if you are not able to print out the barcode or do not see it in confirmation email, please simply write the RMA # and your customer # on the box. When that has been done, the only thing you need to do is waiting for UPS to contact you.

    If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reply to this email or you may call our customer service department and one of our representatives will be able to assist you.

    Thank you,

    Lesley Zou

    Customer Service Representative far so good.
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