2 Operating Systems?

So, I have windows 7 and a 640g WD HD. Then I plugged in another hard drive that was an 80g. It had windows xp on it. When I started my computer it said there was 2 OS on it, and asked 'which one would I like to load...' I picked windows 7. After I logged in, I formated the 80G and deleted everything, to where there is NOTHING on it. Although! when i start my computer it still asks which Windows OS would I like to load. I click one and it just goes to an error page and when I click the other, it safely loads my windows 7.

I would just like to know how to get rid of this menu and just load windows 7 as it is very annoying to go through this every time i start my computer up.


I7 2600k
Asus Sabertooth P67
XFX Radeon HD 6870
8G of Corsair Vengence
750HX Corsair PSU
WD caviar blue 640g
Antec 900 Case
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  1. Yep, download EasyBCD in the link above. It will give you an easy way to edit your boot configuration and remove the unwanted entry. Just don't touch the Windows 7 line!
  2. QQ >.<

    So i downloaded Neo Program and deleted the Windows on the 80G, the one that went to an error page if i tried loading it. Then I rebooted to see if it would still ask me 'which windows would you like to load?' ....and ERROR. It wouldnt load Windows 7. So, I poped in my W7 CD and installed it into the 80g so that i wouldnt have to format my 640G and delete everything on it. Well, after finding my LAN network driver on a different computer then installing it onto this one, I was finally able to get on the internet.

    Anyway, right now I have W7 running out of the 80G, and everything that was on my 640g is still there. however, if I cant run any of the programs on the 640g because my OS is on the 80g. I can play movies or music, because WMP is on the 80g and it is just loading the data into the program(WMP). But if I try to run DiRT3 or League of Legends from the 640g, it wont work, im assuming because it is an entirely differnt program and its not on the 80G.

    So, what chooses do I have?
    I can't really see me having only 80G of space for my games/programs. So, should I just format the 640g and just try to reinstall everything or is there a way to slave the 640g and make programs run from the 80G?

    Any other ideas/advice? I really don't want to format the 640g and have to download everything again... if i dont have too. but if its the best thing to do then, im all for it.

    I will loose my DiRT3 saved game and my other saved games if i reformat the 640, right? Could i transfer the files to a Portable HD and still have my saved games?

    Thanks in advance.
  3. I decided to reformat the 640g and i took out the 80g so that this wouldnt happen again, but sure enough....when i start up it still asks 'which windows would you like to load?' and they are both windows 7 now, for some reason...

    this is ridiculous... i wish i never deleted the XP and still had all my files.
  4. I have used EasyBCD several times in the past and never had any issues with it at all. If you just removed the Windows XP line, it should have not affected anything else. Did you have your hard drive boot order backwards?
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