Please review fast USB thumb drives

USB thumb drives have become cheaper, larger, faster and more popular. I submit that there are many visitors to the tomshardware site that would like a review of USB thumb dives of 1GB capacity and larger.

If you could develope a chart of thumb drives that ranks their read and write speeds, that would be great too.

I would bet that many people would reference the charts many times per year since lots of people buy more than one thumb drive each year. I have bought eight 512MB thumb drives so far this year that I give away to my family with photos and video files. I also bought a couple of 4GB thumb drives for other uses.
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  1. I agree,

    Everyone has these nowadays but a lot of people buy crappy ones cause they don't know better.

    Tom's should educate these people, and give a good reference list for the buyer on the prowl.

    I have suggested this too, in some more detail in another post.
  2. I have a 4gb A-data "my flash" USB thumb drive that I bought overseas. No problems with it, except it's so freakin slow! This is one of the slowest USB thumb drives I've ever used. No problems with reliability or data loss though. It's just slow, slow, slow!
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