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I have had my G7 for 2 and a half months and been very happy with it but all the sudden my battery wont work or charger wont work or both. I cant figure it out. I plan to RMA it to newegg for a replacement. But I cant decide if I should get a G5 and not worry about batterys or a Razer copperhead, or just stay with the G7. I can always sell the new G7 from new egg to a friend so money isnt an issue. I also Must have the 2000dpi so the Diamondback wont work. What one do you think I should get?

Or fi any of you have had this problem and want to help me?
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  1. Well, I don't know about your technical problems, but my opinion is this.

    If you favor the right handed only kind of mouse, the ones that Logitech makes that are slanted a bit, then choose the G7.

    If you like the symmetrical, ambidextrous mice, choose the Copperhead.

    Either way, they're both good mice. Also, it's your choice whether you want wired or not. I prefer wired, because of [maybe my perceived] lag and the lack of battery life. And because of old tradition's sake. :lol:
  2. I dont know what I did but I think I got it working again. Ill have to check when I get home. Does a wireless mouse have more "lag" then a wired mouse or is the wired one mor acurate?
  3. Never used a G7 so I can not speak for it. But I have used a Logitech wireless mouse and it had a short delay while playing FPS. I switch back to a wired mouse because of this. My son is useing the Razor mouse he loves it. I myself will be getting the G5 Next month.
  4. Ugh, the Razer Copperhead's side buttons are much harder to press, the Diamondback has a better design which is the mouse I'm using and would highly recommend...

    You might consider the new CyberSnipa mouse that came out. Not sure where you can buy it yet it but it has some nice reviews.

    From your list, I would pick the G5, but both the G5 and G7 only has one side button which is 1 too little for me.

    Not a fan of wireless gaming mouses, I really don't notice much lag, but too heavy for me.
  5. I use a Logitech G7 and I play Counter-Strike: Source competitively (Cal league). If this mouse showed any lag, I would have returned it or tossed it out the window but there is absolutely no lag to speak of.

    Stick with the G7. :D
  6. Personally I am not a fan of the right handed only mice and love the feel of the Copperhead.
  7. I love my G5. It has a tilting scroll wheel, which can be reprogrammed on a per-application basis just like every other button on it.
  8. get the G5 . the only problem :D with the G5 is that after a month of using it you are running at the highest sensitivity 2000dpi and that is a problem because when you switch mice (like the one on my dad's computer) you can't get the stupid mouse to move.

    :D :lol: :roll: GET THE G5 I LOVE IT
  9. I had the same issue with my g7, swapped it for another one. now if i leave the 1 of the batteries in it , it will die overnight , its like it wont go to "sleep mode" the other battery is fine, can leave it in overnight.
    I am not happy with the battery life at all. I was looking at the copperhead myself.
  10. I have both Copperhead and DiamondBack and they're really great. I never tested G5 or G7 my self but my friend swear only by these lol. So I think it simply a question of comfort with the mouse or look. As long as you like it and have fun :)

    Btw if you have problem switching between different comp just buy a cheap 800 DPI USB mouse keep it with you lol it not the best but the mouse will move a lil more :P .
  11. I'm a fan (and owner) of the G7. G5 is a great mouse but that wire can be so irritating sometimes. It was a little different going back to one side button after having more but in the end I got used to it. How long do other people's batteries last? Mine last for 1.5 - 2 days depending on how long I surf/game for.
  12. mx518 all the way baby!!!
    oh..wait it isn't on the list!!!

    well next choice would be g5 if you are right handed (like me), it is missing the side fwd button for some reason (well it is useful to me!).

    No matter what they say, wireless mice lag.
    If you are left handed get the diamondback, I also don't like the copperhead.
  13. I have the mx1000, & it's great, but my kids keep taking off my desk & playing with it (2 & 4 years old), & i have to go on a hunt to find it when its time to play. I am getting the g5, for the main reason of it having a cord. lol
  14. The copperhead has slightly better specs than the diamondback, but I prefer the larger buttons on the diamondback.
  15. Actually, if you wait a bit longer, the Microsoft Habu will come out, and that mouse looks DAMN NICE. I would have waited for it, but the 80 dollar price tag sort of kills it. You might want to look into that.


    Oh yeah, did I mention that it isin't just the MS Habu, but designed with Razer :wink:
  16. Thanks Doughbuy, that is an awsome looking mouse, going to look more into that one. Buildin a new system this December & that will top it off nicely.
  17. Tell us how it works out. I think it looks real slick also. A bit too expensive for me, but I might get it once price drops down a bit.
  18. Found it a bunch of on-line stores for the mif $50 range. Just Google habu mouse & see for yurself. I will pick one up in a couple of weeks & let ya all know how it is.
  19. Quote:
    it will die overnight , its like it wont go to "sleep mode" the other battery is fine, can leave it in overnight.

    There's a little green button on the bottom under the left clicker to turn it off when not in use. :wink:
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