price drop in 7900 series cards when dx10 cards come out??

will the price drop significantly on most of the 7xxx series cards when dx 10 cards come out next month??
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  1. Highly unlikely.

    Rarely happens.

    When 7800s came out, the 6800 didn't drop in price.
  2. mmmmk.....
  3. the 7900gs just fell some 20 im guessing yes...
  4. Totally depends on supply. Seeing how the DX10 midrange (GF8600's?) won't be out for a few months, the 7900 series will have to fill the midrange gap. So I'd imagine there should still be supply. If not ATI is going to hammer them in sales with the X1650XT, X1950 pro, and X1950XT. NV might even come out with a 7950GTX.
  5. It's actually already started. Check out zipzoomfly. They have an MSI 7900GTX with a MIR that puts the card at $299.99.
  6. Nice deal. I see they have the X1900XTX for $309 after a whopping $150 rebate.
  7. Quote:
    Nice deal. I see they have the X1900XTX for $309 after a whopping $150 rebate.

    wow the price went up since i got mine for $250 D: but to be fair it did have a $50 rebait on newegg.
  8. Considering you can hardly find an in stock X1900XT or XTX now, $309 for a XTX is a bargain.
  9. i just went to newegg and found a couple maybe i should ebay mine since the price seems to have gone up as much as $200 D:
  10. so i just bought a 6300 c2d, ds3 gigabyte mobo, and cheapo ram and video card.

    my question is...iam on a tight budget, so should i buy really good ram first and then around christmas get a 7900gtx if they drop in price or vice versa?
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