omg plz some1 help!

ait so im pretty much a newb in building pc from scratch. ive done a couple of upgrades but i just built my last comp from scratch. i put everything together and everything looked fine. i turned it on and it started up and went to the regular msi boot (975x platinum). after like a min. the comp turned off. i started it up a couple of times and same things happened. i opened the case and made sure everything was connected and i tried a couple of more times and same thing. after a while i got pissed and i "accidently" pressed the sw button that clears the cmos :roll: . i turned on the comp again and the screen stayed black, but the comp didnt turn off by itself. i figured its that i prob cleared the bios so i tried booting from a floppy but im not sure if i downloaded stuff from the site right. even wen i put it in and booted up system the screen stayed black, and i dont kno if it do to paranoia but i swear i smelt sumtin weird from the CPU area. im kind of freaking and pissed cuz i just wanna go play some games and crap so can any1 give me some solutions or advice? thanx alot!

MSI 975x platinum
Pqi 2 gigs (2x1) 667 mhz
Conroe e6400
sapphire ati x1900xt 256mb
500 watt powersupply that came with my raidmax case
seagate barracuda .10 250 gigs
dvd burner
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  1. Raidmax makes garbage PSUs. Replace it at once.

    The PSU provides no where enough on the 12V rails for your video card.
  2. that would definitley answer the first part in my problem but even if i replace now i dont think it will solve the black screen problem but ill try to get another psu as soon as possible
  3. You may have done this, but try checking all of the cable connections to make sure everything works.
    Do you have another pc to diagnose parts on?
  4. ive checked every power connection and just connections in general. sadly i dont have another comp to diagnose on as its the first computer any1 in my family has spent (i like invested better) inwith so much cash. my dad has built many computers as he used to resale but its been a while and he really doesnt give me to much of his time for the comp. he finally decided today that he will take a serious look but by the way he is talking it looks like he really isnt sure what the problem is either. im might try one of my freinds psu's if i can find one that descent enough but if not sadly i will have to buy one when im not even sure that will make it work. im getting pretty desperate as i finally got that c2D im been dreaming about and its just sitting on my desk!
  5. can any1 tell me how to get the floppy i put in the comp to run as soon as i boot to flash my bios? maybe that will make the black screen go away and go back to the msi boot screen. then if my comp turns off after that ill go with the power supply but now the comp runs without turning off but the screen is black so i most likely think since their is no bios to run on its bypassing any check ups and warnings
  6. Quote:
    that would definitley answer the first part in my problem but even if i replace now i dont think it will solve the black screen problem but ill try to get another psu as soon as possible

    Well if your video card isnt getting the power requiered to activate correctly which is hes right about the PSU which i dont doubt. Since its a video card that would explain no video :o Course im not sure why it turned on in the first place but hell PSU problems are wierd i have had way to many of them with those cheap psu's before i started buying cases with out them. Always the same thing psu sux but the effects of which represented them selves in different ways.
  7. ait i guess ill try the psu (time to disconect everything :( ) since i cant wait for shipping im goin to go to like tigerdirect store or comp usa or sumtin. sure they might overcharge me but a couple $ for quick performance w/e i dont give. i really thing its cuz i pressed the cmos reset button, but ill try the psu first then ill c im really hoping that will fix my problem im rally desperate to c this performance. (it was a nice case, and i knew the psu wasnt goin to be all that great but i was hoping it would work that y i bought it plus it was pretty cheap :))
  8. Even if its not the PSU which it sure sounds like it. You need a new PSU anyways the one you have isnt going to do the job.
  9. ait im goin to get one morrow on my way to my freinds house so we can do this quick and he can look over to make sure i didnt mess up anytin and thats the reason y its now working. any suggestions for a power supply? and if dat doesnt work u can def expect me to come back and ask some more
  10. Well i preffer enermax true power supplys. 550watt at least but if you plan on keeping up with video cards and adding alot of hardware you might want to look into something with more wattage.
  11. Another thing is that you may not have seated your cpu heatsink properly, because you did say that on the first few attemps it went on for a little bit and then shut off, and you also said that it smelled a little bit smokey. Try taking off your cpu and see if there's any damage, and then reseat your cpu using fresh thermal paste and making sure you get good clean contact with your processor.
  12. Good advice..............
    Clearing the CMOS before the OS loaded wasn't the smartest thing to do.
    Reformat and partition the drive,
    Flash the BIOS,
  13. bigsby: Exactly what I was thinking... sounds like a heating issue or PSU issue.

    mad-dog: Why was clearing CMOS before OS load a bad move? Just wondering.

    Anyway, did you try clearing your CMOS with the JBAT1 jumper? It could be that something funky happened when you did it in BIOS. Check this information from MSI on how to do it:

    To be safe, what I would suggest doing is this:

    1. Order new PSU.
    2. Order new thermal transfer paste (Arctic Silver 5 is a respectable choice):
    3. Clear CMOS using JBAT1 jumper.
    4. Install new PSU.
    5. Reseat HSF (and make sure you read documentation carefully to avoid screwup here).
  14. ait im going to go to my freinds house today and check out everything (cpu included) then try to flash bios. if nothing works we'll go out to the nearest comp store and get some thermal paste and a new psu cuz i cant wait any longer for a newegg delivery (i really want this crap!)

    forgot to say i used the button on the mobo to reset cmos i really dont kno much more about that. i dont even know how to correctly flash bios with a floppy. u think using a cd would be easier?
  15. alright i couldnt go to my freinds house and being impatient i decided to check all by myself. i checked the cpu after much struggle with the fan (yes im a tard). the cpu itself had no burn marks or any signs of mishap, and the good news neither did the mobo. im goin to buy the antec truepower trio 550 watts cuz even though im strapped for money, i kinda want to get this done and thats the nicest one i can find at the compusa site (but going to buy it at compusa locally). i had a question though do i really need that thermal paste cuz even though its not exp i really got no cash to waste and the one that came on the intel cpu fan is freshly spread. and can any1 help me with a step by step of how to flash my bios and where to download stuff and all the formatting stuff that has to be done. im kinda of a newb and have always just updated bios online. the board is the 975x so i think i need that award bios or w/e. oh also on how to do this of a blank screen (if thats possible it was working before)
  16. alright so i got the antec same version but instead 650watts it finally starts up again and goes into teh bios screen (which was the best feeling) all of a sudden 20 sec later the comp turns off (like omg not again!) i try to turn it on and it turned off immidiatley and then turned on again and ran for maybe like 10 sec. it turns off and i reset it like 3 more times 2 of em note even making it to the bios! it looks like my other psu made it father more consistently but it doesnt make much sense. this psu is 3 +12v rails and has more watts and amps. i cant figure out what to do. :( i cleaned out the old thermal paste and replaced it with arctic silver 5 though so that was koo. (plus i spend like 160 big bucks on this psu and i kno its a lil exp for not one of the best psu's but man im desperate to get this crap running as soon as possible!)
  17. To flash your bios just do a google search dude.... you can find anything your looking for that way - step by steps, the works.
  18. When you checked CPU did you re-apply thermal paste?

    Also, when you flashed CMOS, did you use the JBAT1 procedure I gave you the link to?

    Do you know where it is crashing? If you just stay in BIOS setup screen will it shut down after 20 seconds?
  19. You might have faulty RAM. Although I don't think RAM problems themselves will cause your system to shut down before getting into Windows, it won't hurt to try. Why don't you try to boot with just one stick of RAM - try each one at a time by itself and see if it boots.

    It does sound like a PSU problem but if it doesn't work with 2 PSUs now, it may be something else, like the mobo itself.
  20. On page 2-14 of the manual you will see a special fan connector for the CPU which has 4 pin connector. depending on what fan you are using, the bios may not detect the fan is operational and immediately shut off the PC. Some times referred to as FOC or Fan Off Control. The temp threshold in the Bios could be set too low as well.
  21. thanx ya'll i fixed the problem. i got the antec truepuower treo 650 and im goin to order a good psu with lots of watts (prob like 700) for like future upgrades from zipzoomfly or if newegg is cheaper with the shipping then newegg. im kinda worried about the cpu temp though. i did apply arctic silver 5 when i connected the heatsink of teh fan to the cpu, and im pretty sure i did it right (kinda of hard to mess up) but teh first time i booted correctly teh cpu said it was like high 70's ces. my case was low 30's though... when i get some cash though ill switch the fan to a scythe or a zalman or w/e. when i changed the psu and checked the cpu the computer went to boot up screen but had same problem as before (turning off after a few sec) i changed the vid to the other pci-e and the new psu had a pci-e cable connectors (instead of connecting to the adapter) and it worked like a beauty after that
  22. I totally agree with bigsby. You should take off the heat sink and check for damage and then reapply a paper thin layer of thermal grease and make sure the heat sink is making full contact with the processor. If a proc is over heating for whatever reason, these newer motherboards will not let it melt and will instead shutdown the computer via the bios before damage occurs so there should not be any damage. I know this because I have inadvertently tested it a few times.

    oh....and ditch that P.O.S. power supply immediately and get a better one like the other guys said. There are several good brands out there. I am partial to Antec but other guys like Liberty...another commonly over looked company is FSP. They make very good power supplies.
  23. Uhh... if you already have Antec 650w PSU, why would you order a 700w PSU? Are you taking the Antec back to the store you bought it from? If not, just stick with 650.

    Anyway, 70C is hot for an e6400. When you say this:

    i did apply arctic silver 5 when i connected the heatsink of teh fan to the cpu, and im pretty sure i did it right (kinda of hard to mess up)

    It worries me and makes me think "he probably did mess it up" :wink: . So, seriously, check this web site for procedures: Read them and follow them to the letter!
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