trouble getting dvi-i signal...

I wonder if any one can help me?. I had an Asus mboard and was using a gf6800 ultra agp graphics card connected to a iiyama monitor with a dvi-i cable,so i got a digital signal.

Then a couple of weeks ago the ultra died. For about 10 days i used a gf5500 i borrowed and had to use a dsub cable from the card to the monitor.

Today the pc got a new Gigabyte mboard and a pci-e Msi gf7900gto,512m card. One end of dvi cable is in the dvi-i slot on the graphics card the other in the dvi-i slot on the monitor. But it really just seems that the signal is still in analog. Ive tried both the dvi-i slots on the card but it didnt help. Has anybody got any ideas why it wont change to a digital signal?
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  1. now what problems are you having?
    explain some more please.
  2. My new graphics card has a female DVI-I connection. My monitor has got a DVI-D Female. Im using a male to male DVI-D cable between them. I should i believe get a digital signal. But for some reason my display is in analog not digital and i cant seem to change it
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