get malware out of those banners damnit!

Was reading the 500 bucks gaming rig article when your banner invoked a change of url to the one below. Which in essence tries to convince me that there's 'traces of porn sites' on my computer, and wants me to download drivecleaner in order to remove it.

ps. this computer can't access porn sites, as neither isa server nor squid on the primary firewall would allow access to such. Keep the malware away from sites like this, or your readers will either block ads completely, or discontinue the visits.
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  1. Forcing a URL change is not malware, but is very much against the rules we have for advertisers.

    I would like very much to go after the advertiser in question. I can tell that they aren't one of the regular ads, which means that they must be from one of the third party ad servers.

    Unfortunately I can't find the ad you describe, and I haven't heard any other reports of it.

    If you, or anyone else sees a malware ad, or one that behaves badly, please, do me a favor, and save the page source, then send it to the webmaster.

    Saving the source is the best way to make sure that we can remove the ad, and to correctly deal with the advertiser, or the ad provider, if necessary.
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