My water cooling system leaked while not powered???

I had to take apart my system to switch the inlet and outlet on my storm cpu block as well as drain that mct 5 crap out. While draining it I spilled a little bit of it on my motherboard and video cards. (the power was disconnected while I was doing this) I put rubbing alcohol on the parts of the computer that the mct 5 had tuched with a qtip and let it dry for about an hour.

I then plugged the system in and when I hit the power button nothing happens...

The green light is on that is on the motherboard and the fan is running in the power supply but that is it. I am not sure what happened or what to do. Any suggestions are greatly appriciated. Thank you.
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  1. Did you take any of the components out when you were doing the changing? Did you stress the cpu in it's socket as you were changing the inlet and outlet hoses?

    Typically the main things that will affect booting are mb, cpu, ram and video card so you might have dislodged or damaged one of them.
  2. I dont believe that I damaged one of the components, I have checked all of them. And I couldnt be the video card because the system wont even power up at all. Is it possible that I need to let the computer dry for longer?

    Why would the green power light come on that is on the motherboard if it was fried?

    What else can I do?

    Also I just hooked up my power supply to a power supply tester and all of the lights light up except for the -5v...what does that mean?
  3. You are sure everything is plugged in solid? You could have bumped something. Unplug and reseat everything once again to make sure, otherwise the only thing that could be wrong is a friend piece of hardware. Personally if I got some liquid on my mobo I sure would wait more than an hour before attempting to turn it on.
  4. I just hooked up a powersupply tester to my psu and all of the lights come on except for the -5v.

    What does that mean?
  5. try a different power supply since one of the lights on the power supply tester weren't lit.
  6. I did try it on another psu that works and all of the lights lit up...

    But the thing is that I have never seen all of the lights light up except one, I have seen only one or none light up.
  7. well on the bright side, your system with water cooling is definatly staying cool! I must say your alot braver then me, id never mix water and electronics, kinda a murphys law thing but thats just me.

    If you have a second comp, start switching parts to the working comp see which parts work and which dont.

    Good luck!
  8. I usually drain my system by removing the hose clamps off the rad first because usually the rad is placed quite far away from any hardware!

    If you use a T line you should drain it from the T line...

    And you should always leak test the system before you install it.
  9. Newer 24-pin PSUS don't supply power to the -5v line since it is not a requirement so that is why it doesn't show up as being operational.
  10. I just went out today and bought a new motherboard and what to you know...

    The computer works perfectly now. Just for the record. That dangerden mct5 shit doesnt work at all. I spilled it when the computer was off and it still fried my system.
  11. Man, this sucks. I just bought a Thermaltake Silent Water for my new build. I sure hope the tubes don't leak or anything. But your issue occurred when you were trying to refill the reservoir, right?

    So, I guess the lesson learned here, is when you do maintence on your water cooling kit, remove it from the computer case as well as any computer components.
  12. I've never used that product before. For the past two years I've been using PrimoCHILL ICE and I've experienced spills and leaks a few times and the fluid was proven to be non-conductive.
  13. fark i still want to get you into a bath tub full of primo chill ICE and chuck a live toaster in there.
  14. No. The resevoir is external so is the radiator and pump. The leak happened when I disconnected the gpu and cpu water blocks. Even though the system was drained already There were still a few drops left inside the blocks.
  15. Quote:
    No. The resevoir is external so is the radiator and pump. The leak happened when I disconnected the gpu and cpu water blocks. Even though the system was drained already There were still a few drops left inside the blocks.

    Ok question time now. had you disconnected your PSU from the wall and then powered your PC on to drain all the power from the mobo and PSU? If you didn't do this your motherboard was still technically live......
  16. Yep, I know you can get anxious to see how things perform but when I get a leak in my system (I use the Zalman fluid), I always take the entire system apart and clean all the components then let it dry over night.
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