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I recently replaced my old motherboard, powersupply, video card and reformatted my hard drive and installed a fresh copy of XP with SP2. My Creative Soundblaster Audigy1 Gamer refuses to detect when I'm installing drivers. The drivers I'm trying to install worked before with the same sound card but it's not working with my new parts. I think it's showing up as Multimedia Audio Controller in device manager under Other Devices. In Sound, video and game controllers it shows: Audio Codecs, Creative Game Port, Legacy Audio Drivers, Legacy Video Capture Devices, Media Control Devices, Video Codecs.
I went into my bios and disabled the onboard sound device and it still shows up like this.

I'm running XP with SP2, P4 2.4ghz HT, 512 DDR ram, NVidia Geforce6200, ASUS P4S800D-X motherboard, Hitachi 80GB, and a 380watt power supply.
Any help in getting my sound to work is appreciated.
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  1. Try move the soundcard to another PCI slot.
  2. Quote:
    Try move the soundcard to another PCI slot.

    i've tried all the slots already, it all turns out the same

    i just read in another thread that i should go to device manager and clear everything in safe mode and attempt to reinstall my drivers. will this work?
  3. Did you disable the onboard sound after installing the audigy soundcard ?

    Yes, try to removing and reinstalling the driver. If you can, download the new driver from creative website.
  4. i don't have the original CD that came with it and creative only has updates on to the drivers that come on the CD.

    anyone know how to boot in safe mode on an asus motherboard? pressing F8 only lets me pick which HD to boot off of or which OS to use.
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