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Hi - i used to build all my computers but i've been out of the loop for a few years since i got my laptop, but i am about to build a new pc - i've pretty much caught up on everything but ive got a question about the Asus P5N32-SLI Premium motherboard. in the specs it says..

"- Dual-channel DDR2 800(OC) /667/533"

what does the 800(OC) mean? does it run DDR2 800 ram or not? i also looked at the P5N32 Deluxe and its specs say 800/667/533 so if someone could clarify this OC thing for me that would be great..also any 2gb memory reccomendations would be helpful - thinking either corsair or OCZ?

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  1. OC for maybe overclock.......i dont no.......why dont u send an email to the memory manufacturers website????

    i dont think im right??? but oh well, we all make mistakes
  2. the 800 OC I believe means that the board will support DDR2 800 with the rest of the system overclocked to match (ie boosting the FSB). If you want to push the system that far, go for it, shouldnt have any trouble. as far as the memory goes, I have done some research at the asus forums and noted some issues with the OCZ Ram, which is supposidly fixed in the newer bios revisions, something with the default voltage being too low and Asus not reading the recomended settings from the ram. I have personaly built a C2D system using the Asus board with the OCZ ram and had no problems. Corsair has had no problems that I am aware of but both are excellent memory manufactures, from here it falls down to personal preference. good luck on your new system! I will build one for myself one day... hehe
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