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I just got in my Opteron 165 CCBBE 0615epmw to use with my ASUS A8N32-sli deluxe. I bought a Scythe Mine to use on it, but it didn't fit so well with my mobo, so I used my Thermaltake Big Typhoon on it. I know I'm still breaking in the CPU and AS5, but I'm scared to do a burn in because of some temperatures I've been seeing. I'm still using stock speeds and voltages and use Core Temps to monitor temps and CPU-Z and speedfan to monitor voltages and clock speeds.

Idle I get core 1 at ~36C and core 2 at ~32C, looks good so far, but using prime 95 testing each core I've seen some inconsistencies. Just loading core 1 at 100% puts the temps at ~43C/43C, so good, adding the second core to 100% puts it at ~46C/52C ... not so good I don't like going over 50C if I'm going to overclock at some point, even dropping core 1 from testing and just putting core 2 at 100% puts temps at ~45C/50C. But cool down takes maybe less than a second to drop back to idle after stopping tests.

I even turned my 120MM fan on the back to blow cold air over the HSF/CPU and out the front of my case, thinking the cooler air will help heat dissipation.

Could there be a problem with my second core? Or maybe the IHS isn't fitted good on the cores?

Any ideas? Should I RMA before going any further?
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  1. I'm having a similar problem if these temp sensors are reading correctly. Core1 runs about 5-10C higher then core2. I'm not sure if this is normal or not. I'm using everest to monitor the temps. I'm using an opteron 175. At the moment I'm using stock cooling and I'm getting between 40C and 50C which seems high to me. However I had a scythe infinity on there and I noticed something, the heatspreader on the processor scratched the bottom of the infinity, which means I probably won't be able to return it and it doesn't fit in my case the way I thought it would. The edges on the processor seem really rough so I'm wondering if theres not good contact between the HSF and the processor. My old 3700+ the edges look filed down a bit while on the opteron they're not and look sharp.
  2. I actually just applied AS5 instead of the stock thermal wax that comes with the HSF. Right now at idle one core runs at ~26C the other runs at ~36C, is that normal? I'm using core temp right now to check it, Everest has similar results as far as the core temps go.
  3. Load temps using prime95 on the hotter core are reaching ~60-61C, and this is at stock settings right now. I know the stock HSF isn't great but this seems very high. The other core is sitting at ~50-51C. Any ideas? I know the thermal compound hasn't burned in yet but it just doesn't seem quite right.
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