Motherboard issue, computer wont start

My computter wont start when i turn it on the hd spins and cpu fan goes. And the no signal on the screen disapears and the screen is blank, so i think it is the mobo because there are no beeps or anything for video but the cpu fan spins so i am not sure.

Any suggestions?????
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  1. Im having a fairly similiar Issue with a Biostar TForce4SLI.. No video.. And the onboard led lights say (according to the manual) CPU/Chipset error.
  2. You have led light onbaord for errors or just hte board light, so mabe the cpu is not seated properly or damaged?
    But even with cpu errors the bios should load cause it is the flash rom on the board that starts everything?
  3. LED light onboard for errors..
    And the fans, HD, and everything spin up..So the CPU is fine.
  4. even without a cpu u get some sort of a post right?
  5. As far as I know no..
  6. I had the same problem with my p5n32 sli board (nforce 4). I tried everything and I think it may be a cpu issue. Because the board worked fine with a 3.2 ghz ht. But when i put the 3.4 pentium D it started doing the same problem that you described. So i would try getting an older cpu maybe, then once in the system go ahead and update the bios.
  7. well I dont exactly have a spare 939 pin CPU laying around..
  8. Standard way to troubleshoot:

    Ensure motherboard, PCI-E, and GPU power cables (if present) are snug. Reseat the video card. Disconnect all optical, floppy, and hard drives. Remove all but one stick of RAM. Remove any additional add-on cards. Try booting and see what happens. If you get any post error, check it in your mortherboard manual.

    If you get the same as before, try resetting your CMOS (either remove the CMOS battery for a few minutes or press the CMOS reset button on the mobo). Test again. If it's the same result then it's time to start removing the remaining components. Try the RAM first. Then the video card. You should get a POST error for both of these. If not, it's either your motherboard or CPU (possibly PSU.. could you please post your specs). Final step, remove the CPU from the socket. (Carefully verify there are no bent pins.) Test. Still no post? Gotta be the motherboard is DOA or possibly being shorted. Try reinstalling your components outside of the case, with the motherboard sitting on a non-conductive/non-static surface (like cardboard). Now there is a chance this is a faulty PSU, but you did say the fans spin up. Most likely you'd get a post even if there is some power. If you have a spare PSU to test, try it in an earlier step.
  9. ya me too, but a bad cpu or error would do more than just nothing at all? cpu dont get damaged easily.
  10. Antec 500w PSU
    Geoforce 6800XT
    1 gig of Kingston Ram
    80 gig Samsung HD

    I removed the CPU cooler, and..the CPU doesn't seem to have heated up.
    the thermal grease is still soft.
  11. So this is a new build? Thermal grease stays soft? I think you're thinking of a thermal pad, which melts when it heats up to fill the microscopic gaps.

    If you removed the heatsink, just pull the processor out and boot. See if you get a post.
  12. I'm having the exact same problem with my Asus P5N32-SLI Premium.

    I'm doing upgrades on an old system, got said board with a Core 2 E6600 (bought seperately, not as a pre-built combo).

    Rest of system:
    Video card: Asus EN7950GX2 video card
    Memory: Corsair TWIN2X2048-8500C5 2GB Kit DDR2-1066 XMS2-8500
    PSU: Antec TruePower Trio 650W PSU
    Sound Card: Creative X-Fi Fatal1ty
    HDD: 2x 74GB SATA Western Digital Raptor

    I've never been able to get a POST screen. My monitor just stays blank scanning for a signal. The power LED on the motherboard lights up, and all fans spin up (including cpu and video card heatsink fans). The power LED on the front of the case lights up for a second and then shuts off.

    First thing I thought was CPU. Took it out, checked the pins on the mobo and the contacts on the CPU itself. No bent or broken pins, the contacts are clean, and all the pin marks show well aligned connections. Second was the memory, tried one stick at a time, and in different slots, still no POST.

    A buddy told me that he'd heard stories of people not being able to get systems to do initial boots with the 7950GX2's, so I borrowed a 7900GS, still no change.

    All signs point to a DOA board, but before I blow $250 on a new one I thought I'd look for help.
  13. I, again am having the EXACT same issue with mine!!

    Here are my specs:

    Hiper R-type 530w
    2x1gb Geil PC2-6400 DDR2
    P5n32-SLI Premium
    Intel Core2Duo E6600
    XFX Geforce 7600gtXXX 256mb
    The case is the Coolermaster Wavemaster

    I get NO post beeps, but power to all my fans and LEDs. I just get post beeps or anything on screen at all. I've tried every combination of graphics card and RAM in different slots, but nothing is working. How the hell are we supposed to tell what's wrong with stuff if we're getting no beeps??
  14. thanks, it was a bad vid card
  15. Here's an update on my issue... i forgot to mention that the board only spins the fans and keeps them running when i don't plug the P4 power (4-pin) for the CPU in. If i plug the CPU power cable in the system literally does nothing. The CPU fan will twitch the first time i try it, and then it won't after that.

    I have tried a "barebones" test on a piece of cardboard to see if it's a grounding issue, and even tried it without ANYTHING on the board at all, to see if i get any beeping, but zilch... not even a tiny pip.

    So i guess my board is shorting somewhere, and that's why it won't go, but where could this be happening? Is it at all possible my CPU could cause anything like this? I just hope it's not damaged at all.

    Another thing the shop i bought it from said was it could be my PSU that's faulty. He reckoned it's most likely the mobo, but said i should try another PSU. Unfortunately i don't own another one capable of running on this board, so am getting an RMA anyway. What can the issues be with a Mobo if it just twitches upon power-up? It seems odd that it may be the PSU when it carries on running after the fan twitch?

    Any suggestions?
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