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I'm looking to buy a 15 inch LCD analog monitor with built-in speakers and I think I've narrowed my choice down to two fairly recent models: The NEC 1550M or the Samsung 151b. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to find either of these models in the stores and I wonder if anyone has had the opportunity to compare them. I'm particularly interested in knowing if one or the other has better picture quality. CNET reviewed--and liked--the non-speaker models, the Samsung 151s and the Nec 1550V, but the specs for the speaker versions appear to be different which leads me to believe that they may be different panels. (Other suggestions will also be cheerfully accepted.)
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  1. This is a follow-up to my own post.

    I take it that no one else has been able to find these monitors in the store, so let me take a different approach. Since the similar NON-speaker models are in the stores and/or have been reviewed, what should I make in the differences in the specs. For example, the Samsung 151B has a brightness of 230 and a contrast of 300, while the non-speaker 151S has a brightness of 250 and a contrast of 330. The response times are also slightly different, (although the text description indicates they are the same!)The NEC 1550M with speakers, has a brightness of 300 and a contrast of 450, while the 1550V without speakers has a brightness of 200 and a contrast of 300. The NECs also have different viewing angles. Should I assume that the speaker versions of these LCDs are very different creatures than the non-speaker versions? Are they the same panels but different electronics? All suggestions cheerfully appreciated.

  2. Not certain why the monitor must have built in speakers, but note that the speakers used in monitors are usually small 1 watt speakers. If you want good sound quality I recommend a set of separate speakers.

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