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Hi all, i was just wondering wether you can see on a network through the router, like you can on a network through a hub. Is a router just for sharing you internet connection?
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  1. the "routers" they sell to the consumer these days are actualy router with built-in hubs (actually switches). So the answer to your question is yes.

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  2. Ah, cheer's! That is good news! Thank's
  3. Nope. A hub is a Layer 1 device and all traffic is shared and collisions can occur. Hence the term collision domain. A switch is layer 2 and all broadcasts are shared (broadcast domain), but host to host communication is not (which enables full duplex). A router is layer 3 and does not forward broadcasts.
    As for whether you can "see on a network", that depends. A router forwards traffic between separate networks and thus one network can "see" the other. However, if "see" means "can I sniff the network" the answer is no (if you had to ask).


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  4. oh no! he knoweth the OSI Reference Model >:) cool! this was not meant sarcastic at all.

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