AC 64 pro vs. opteron 165's stock cooler

Hello, I bought an opteron 165 from Monarchcomputer, and it's coming tomorrow. I heard quite nice things about opteron's stock cooler with heatpipes. I'm wondering if it's better to use AC 64 pro I have now or to use the stock cooler that's going to come with the package. I prefer quite computing, could anyone tell me the dba level comparision of these two coolers in addition to their thermal performance. Which will you recommend? Thanks in advance.

ps: I'm going to oc soon, so I guess their thermal performance is a little more important.
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  1. Ive never had a stock Opty cooler but I think its a lot like one from thermaltake that had2 heat pipes running through the inside of a tall copper heatsink. If they are close , my advise will be good. The main Diffrence I noticed between my AC 64pro and my old thermaltake (which still is a great cooler) is the noise. The AC 64 pro is very quiet, It cools on about the same level as the Thermaltake but 10 times quieter. So your decision should be mainly if you want the noise or not.

    real close to the thermaltake HS&F i had
  2. I built a system with +3700 in january with stock cooler. Temp fine and very quiet with Cool&Quiet enabled. When OC by 9% fan bit noisier and temp reached 64C playing FEAR. Fitted 64Pro and can now OC by 20% at lower temp and quieter too when playing FEAR.
  3. I'm using the stock Opty 165 cooler on my rig, and it keeps it extremely cool. I have mine overclocked to 2.4 GHz (@ stock voltage), and the highest I've ever seen it hit is 38C, and that was after running two instances of Prime95 overnight (when I was torture testing my overclock). Under a typical load (gaming) it will hit the low 30's, and it idles around 23C (room temperature, surprisingly). Granted, this is with very good case airflow, and with the CPU fan running at 100% all the time (I can't personally hear a difference between 100% and anything lower, so I just keep it at max). Actually, I can't hear the CPU fan at all, but that's probably because it's drowned out by my case fans and video card. If you're sensitive to noise though, no doubt you could turn the fan much lower and still be able to cool the CPU just fine.
  4. It seems like there are many people would recommend the stock cooler of opteron 165 over an aftermarket cooler like AC 64 pro.
    I am convinced that they have similar performance now. Could someone confirm the DBA level of opteron's stock cooler? How big is the fan? How many rpm could the stock cooler run? The reason I'm asking is because I have a fairly quiet system now:
    -AC pro 64(~2400rpm) on the cpu, major improvement from the stock cooler that came with my 3200+ venice.
    -Zalman vf700cu(~2600rpm on high), super major improvment from the stock cooler that came with my 6600gt.
    -2 120mm(~1200rpm) Antec case fan that comes with the case, I can't hear them unless I put my ear next to them.
    -Antec TruePowerII psu with a very quiet fan, not sure what the rpm though.

    So if the opteron165 runs around 3300rpm full speed like the one that came with my venice then it will be no thanks.
  5. i have the ac pro for s939. it didnt change temps at idle but it kept
    lower temps under load. this is on a 3700 sandy core.

    my brother has a 3500 clawhammer and the ac pro dropped his temps
    across the board. alot! but the clawhammer is hotter anyway.

    i am in the same delima with the ac pro and the stock hsf for
    a x24400 i just got but have not installed yet.

    not sure which one i want to use :?

    edit; on the ac pro. it is quiet :D dont know about the opty cooler?
  6. Thanks for all the input guys. I guess I will end up trying both of them on to test for my self.
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