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is digital storm any good?
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  1. No.

    Spent $5000 on a custom built high end computer, and have had it for seven months. Has been back at the factory for service twice already, for over two of the seven months. Even though the repairs are warrantied, they are charging me shipping costs. Their customer service reps don't return phone messages or respond to emails. My computer has been back at their HQ for a month, is still there under repair. I filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. No way on earth I would ever buy from this company again.
  2. Not bad, but in the end its about how much you want to spend.

    Our company purchased a Digital Storm Computer for one of our customers last year. Spent over $4,000 for it. We are a computer service company located on the East Coast, and our customer was obsessed with having "the ultimate" computer to run his business.

    In short, we called DS for help with their rig late November of 2009. They shipped me a new fan to replace one on the water-cooling unit. Took me an hour to replace the darned thing... but that didn't fix the problem...

    Shortly thereafter, we got the BSOD - seems that the O/S was corrupted and the RAID Array was broken, and their system would not read a Windows Repair DVD they had supplied.

    They could not (would not) help us over the phone, so we asked to ship the computer back to DS for repair. Since my customer didn't keep the original box, DS would not allow us to ship the computer back -- so they shipped me a box from CA via Fedex Ground. It took a week for the box to show up. Then they "forgot" to send along the return Fedex Label, so it took another 3 days before Fedex showed up to pick the box up. It returned to CA via Fedex Ground (another week). All together, I've paid over $200 for "shipping", including the cost of a new "box"

    Now it's been sitting in their shop for over a week, and we got an email today asking us to fill out an RMA form. That immediately told me that they haven't even tried to work on the computer yet.

    I have a very irate customer that has been without his computer for over 6 weeks now...

    Please - heed my advice and STAY AWAY FROM DIGITAL STORM!!!
  4. Official Response from Digital Storm:

    I am sincerely sorry for any inconveniences and deeply disheartened to read your comments.

    I believe there is a big misunderstanding about the issues you are stating about Digital Storm. I will do my very best to try to clarify them:

    I am perplexed about your claim that we ‘would not’ help you over the phone. After reading over our logs, both Chris and Randy have spoken with you numerous times, sent emails with helpful solutions/guides, and in addition they also have had difficulty getting a hold of you.

    If we ‘would not’ help our customers, we would not have maintained an outstanding ‘A+’ rating with the BBB for over 8 years.

    We did not forget to send you a return label with the new box because; FedEx policies will not allow us to send a return label with an insurance value of more than $100. For the protection of the customer, we follow their policy; and for the customer’s convenience, we request FedEx to come pick up the package at the customer’s doorstep.

    In regards to the pickup delays, I reviewed the tracking # for the FedEx pickup, and it appears they made attempts to pick up the package and then their closed holiday schedule rolled in; unfortunately we have no control over this.

    We cover all shipping costs within the first 30 days of delivery for all systems. We felt it would be best to have the system come back for service since it was difficult for you to install the fan and install Windows. To be fair to other paying customers, since your system had no issues for a year, we had to charge you for shipping and a new box/foam set to ensure safe transit.

    Your system has not been ‘sitting at our facility for week’ it’s only been 5 working days as of today and our senior tech has been working on it the day it arrived. They have been running extensive tests which take 72-hours and our goal is to have it shipped before the end of this week. Our tech requested for you to complete the ‘RMA Form’ so he may double check and insure he didn’t leave anything else unresolved. We feel it is an important checklist to insure all itemized issues are fully resolved to the “T”.

    Since your system has only been at our facility for 5 days, and the industry standard turnaround time is about 7-14 days. We are unable to simply provide you with free Overnight shipping. Reason why is that it would be unfair to other customers that have their systems sent in for service and encounter issues early on with their PC and/or with customers that have had their system at our facility for more than 5 days.

    Regardless we fully understand their frustration and have appointed our best technician to spend his undivided attention on your system to insure a hasty turnaround time. In addition, as Jason the co-owner wrote to you via email, we are more than happy to meet you halfway on Overnight shipping and extend your warranty coverage for the time you have been without the PC.

    On another note:

    I agree that we wish for all of our customers to encounter no issues with their systems; but, no company is perfect. We do have an extensive testing process and we're simply a system builder that puts together configurations that our customers request. When issues do occur, we strive to do our best to resolve them as quickly and effectively as possible.

    Our failure rate with our systems is very, very low. Around a 1% percentile actually; and we would love to have the opportunity to come in and help you resolve all your issues to your satisfaction. It was difficult for some customers to get a hold of us during the holiday season because of the surge in calls from our sales; but, we've implemented new systems to prevent this for future and current customers.

    Moving forward, Digital Storm is a customer satisfaction centered company, and we'll do our best to maintain it. Feel free to contact me directly so we can resolve any/all issues effectively.

    Eric Grigsby
    Customer Service Director
    510.490.1122 Ext151
  5. I have had a 9650 Quad 3.0 w/ 280 card lots of extras...and has worked great... I live in the Bay area....went to the factory...configured it .... and picked up when ready ... really no problems other than VISTA kinda sucks... but great gaming with latest games...I installed 2 x2mb @ 200mghz DDR3 and looked inside the case ... everything was very neatly configured... I would buy from them again.
  6. I've purchased two systems, and had buddies that bought PC's and we're all very happy with Digital Storm.

    To be honest, they have a lot of systems in place/innovations like their build process, testing, process, and even packaging that sets them apart. They truly are a top-notch gaming company.
  7. I bought a $5000 system. Had some strange bugs. After powering off it would pulse, like a heart beat. Called CS at Digitalstorm they had no idea. A few days later the liquid cooling started to leak on one of the video cards. I sent the system back at my own expense. After addressing the leaking card the computer wouldnt power on. I sent it back again, at my own expense, and was told it was a bad MOBO. They said they would replace it. Well, they replaced my nvidia MOBO with an ASUS. No call to ask if that was ok. Took 2 months to return the system with different parts MOBO and RAM were changed. Called CS and was told some BS about not having the original MOBO or RAM in stock. This after 2 months and a few hundred in shipping the other card is now leaking. Decided to reroute the cooling lines to only affect the CPU. So I had to buy 2 more video cards and re plumb my computer. I also asked them about the recovery disk since after changing things inside the original wasnt going to work.. NEVER got a response.. Sales department was great. They called to ask questions and make suggestions, not all were more exspensive than my original configuration... Kudos there.. CS and repair dept... well they just plain suck..... will not buy again.
  8. I too got a high end system from digital storm in the 3 years ive owned it it has had a bad hard drive and the power supplie fryed. and now my vidio cards have gone bad each time i had to pay shipping both ways. and now with the vido card issue i have to send cards in and waite up to a month for them to be checked by nivdia and fixed or replaced. Do not buy anything from this company you will be sorry
  9. yeah guys i totally agree that i have configured a 5k PC before from DS site and have bought the parts myself for more than half costing me and excess of at least 1.5k
    and have add no problems with it to date. but DS are all about quality and fair deals they only make you may so much for the parts as that's what it cost's from the manufacture. also just because you may have build a PC doesn't mean u know or have any experience overclocking or any of that stuff
  10. gman123 said:
    is digital storm any good?

    There are many definitions of that word, I can only tell You that My experience so far has been exemplary.
    They are currently re-building a custom Rig for Me from the remnants of one of their earlier platforms, which I got from a relative in exchange for some work.

    They have spent alot, and I mean alot of time dealing with My rather specific needs.

    I know of no other customer service rep that has Given Me their Cell #.
    Robert Did. He has spent time off of the clock on several occasions, and even offered to Go on His own time to get a specific Part that they do not ordinarily stock.
    It has been a learning process, and the curve was rather steep for Me, He's been extremely Patient, imho.
    Have we had problems? Yes. We have had several.
    Were they addressed? Yes. -I usually find that Positive energy directed at a problem generally leads to a more positive result. it did.

    Has it taken Longer than I expected? Yes. But I am very picky, and what I want is more important than when I want it.

    Has it cost what I'd anticipated? No. they gave Me credit on My 2008 Mobo, the Ram and Gpu, and a few other things and shaved about 3 bills off of what I'd worked out.

    Will I buy from them again? I will let You and the rest of the world know when I get My box from them.
    ( I am driving 400 miles each way to pick it up, as I simply do not trust the Underpaid/Overworked Meatheaded Fedex Employees.)

    am I a fanboi? Hell No. and Believe Me when I say, They know that if I am unhappy -they will Be too.

    Because we live in an age where the pen ( and a video camera) can do ALOT of damage.

  11. I've never used Digital Storm, but I can honestly say that no matter what company you use there are going to be computers that are lemons. From what I've read in other threads Digital Storm seems to be a decent company, though these posts seem to be the worst case scenarios, and they have decent customer service and tech support, while also claiming to rigorously test each computer for lengths of time. I've personally never used Digital Storm, because while they seem like a great company they charge WAY too much for what you're getting. I've always personally used a company called Ironside Computers. They are a much cheaper Digital Storm in my opinion, which might not be such a good thing in this thread, lol. Of course they probably have problems just like Digital Storm, (with Fedex and UPS throwing around boxes it's no surprise) but in my experience their build quality is great as well as their customer service, and they package their computers very well. So far, I'm very happy with computers I received from Ironside, and I don't have any complaints.
  12. Main thing you need to know about Digital Storm is that their warranty policy after 30 DAYS does not include shipping costs. So if you are unlucky to get a lemon and need to ship the system back it will cost you a lot. Also their customer support is not open nights or weekends. After the 1st year they don't cover parts costs, and you need to use part maker warranty. So though they tout a 3 year warranty, after the 1st year only labor is covered. But to get that labor you need to pay to ship your system back which is prohibitive for a desktop.
  13. Digital Storm is one of our advertisers at Tom's!

    After reading many posts here, I feel that they do more good than bad.

    Reminds me of "When I do good, no one remembers! When I do bad, no one forgets!"

    There will be a small amount of bad products in every type of merchandise. The cost of perfection is infinite!
  14. to my expirences and 33 calls to there competion after buying a doa pc they simply wouldnt let me ask for there manager even talking about a replacement i quoated several of there warenty policys and then told them they were recorded and that my laywer was on the phone as well and the second that i said that it changed from oh **** off to oh ok ill see what i can do 5 min later full replacement no shiping fee but i still said i was suing for harassment, then i got an upgrade for free
  15. aking93 said:
    to my expirences and 33 calls to there competion after buying a doa pc they simply wouldnt let me ask for there manager even talking about a replacement i quoated several of there warenty policys and then told them they were recorded and that my laywer was on the phone as well and the second that i said that it changed from oh **** off or u fat kunt to oh ok ill see what i can do 5 min later full replacement no shiping fee but i still said i was suing for harassment, then i got an upgrade for free

    i did sue them anyway i got 2 employee fired for harrassment and a court order for them to replace my doa pc
  16. aking93 said:
    i did sue them anyway i got 2 employee fired for harrassment and a court order for them to replace my doa pc

    Wow! I ain't messing with you!
  17. well *** em if they cant do a good job or do what they say they can
  18. Try this one, I have had issues with my computer from them since I ordered it. They have repeatedly had me fix stuff for them finally they wanted it back. I asked for a new machine or a refund they refused but counter offered with they would replace all parts except the case and the fans.

    Well they lied, inspite of me having it in writing they replaced the hard drive and the defective pump on the liquid cooling system (who knows how long the machine has been overheating and stressing the components) then they said too bad. We tested everything and it is good, these are the same folks that sent me a faulty computer to start with with what they have now admitted had a bad hard drive from the start. I am supposed to trust their testing and their word after they lied to me.

    The BBB and the AGs office are getting complaints tonight, what can I say, only buy from them if you are willing to risk this type of customer disservice and dishonesty.
  19. Ok enough of the Digital Storm bashing. A representitive from Digital Storm did post a response in an effort to resolve things but nobody wanted to listen.

    This thread will now be closed.
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