EVGA 7900 GT KO O/C Problems

Hey guys, I got a EVGA 7900 GT KO, 256 MB using the newest nvidia 91.47 drivers. I've used Coolbits to unlock the overclocking.

Whenever I try to even overclock it 1% it says it fails, i go to test optimal settings and it UNDERclocks it.

I cant get it passed 500/750 can anyone help? Maybe raise voltage somehow?
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  1. any single card, will not overclock like another, even from the same line. and sometimes you get a card that just has no overclocking potential. simple as that. look into card manufacturing and yields and it will all make sense
  2. you may want to consider a voltage mod. 7900GTs are actually undervolted at 1.2v. The GPU was designed to have 1.4v as the 7950GTs do.

    Look up the 1.4v mod for the 7900GT. All you need is one of those pens that draw circuits.

    also consider ATITool to try to overclock. The best I can get at 1.2v on my XFX 7900Gt at stock cooling is +15mhz on the gpu without artifacting.
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