Think dead mobo, could someone help

Hi all. First time poster, long time reader.

I have recently bought a new mobo from an ebay store along with a new chip to go with it, however when i plug them all together i get no response from my monitor or any bios beeps.

my setup is:

Asrock 939Dual-VSTA,
athlon 64 3200
762 meg of 333 ram
ati radeon 9600 pro
cheap 450 watt ebay psu with a 20+4 power connector
2 dvd drives.
2 hdd, totalling 320 gig.

The reason i bought the asrock is because its backwards compatible and as my funds are a bit dry at the moment it can be upgraded in the future.

My theory is that the psu could not be good enough or the mobo is simply dead. I would not like the hassle of sending it back for them to tell me its working.

Any help is appreciated.

Thank you

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  1. OK a few shots in the dark here;

    Double check that everything is connected, plugged in, seated fully, any additional M/B power connectors are plugged in.

    When you boot what happens?

    Do you hear the P/S fan come on?

    Are your front panel wires connected to the M/B?

    Have you tried clearing the CMOS?
  2. Hi.

    I can say that everything is plugged in correctly as i went over them very carefully.

    all wires to the front panel are connected as I powered the comp up with it.

    when i turn comp on, it just poweres up with no response from monitor or bios bleeps. I thought it was my gfx but i am using this in my old comp now. its strange with no bios beeps though.

    the psu did come on.

    i cleared the cmos with no positive results.

  3. Looks like you have 512 meg stick mixed with a 256 meg stick. Try just the 512. If you have 3 256 sticks, try just 2. If this doesn't work, try a bare post, with just one stick of memory, cpu/heatsink, and video on a phonebook or other non conductive surface. Be sure your case speaker lead is connected properly for beep codes.
  4. Try changing the battery.
    I had the same problem with an eBay motherboard.
  5. try reseating the cpu and see if you can borrow some different ram from someone. if the ram timings are too tight it would do something like this as well as if the cpu is not seated properly.
  6. my ram works works perfect on my other mobo, but i will try with both the 512 and 256.

    I will also buy a new battery from local store.

    i will try this tomorrow as i have work and need sleep hehe

    Thanks a lot i will post back my results.
  7. sup xstec;

    Im not an AMD guy but i seem to remember something along the lines that a A64 requires PC3200, so if you are trying to use PC2700 the BIOS may have a problem starting up with this memory thinking you OCed too far, this is just a theory, someone else with more experiance with AMD CPU's jump in here, as i have little to no experiance with AMD machines, and dont know how they would react in this situation.
  8. Yes, XeenRecoil is right. The memory should be PC3200.
    Your FSB should be 200 MHZ, unless you are underclocking.
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