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Ok I am needing 2 know what the best video card that I can put in my computer. The motherboard is an Asus P5LDT-VM It has an e6300 c2d and 1 gig of corsair ram. Im kind of a noob I guess so any help would be greatly apperiated. Thanks
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  1. do you mean P5LD2-VM ? cause there's no P5LDT-VM

    what is your budget and psu?
  2. yeah sorry its the p5ld2-vm
    my psu is a antec smart power 500 watt
    and im not to concerned with the budget but i guess it would be nice 2 keep it under 500
  3. the best right now ATI Radeon X1950XTX 512MB 256-bit GDDR4 - $449.99 but in my opinion wait a few weeks and get a g80
  4. How much longer is a few weeks? How much more will it cost? And How much better will it be then this card?
  5. We can't tell how it'll perform. Benchmarks should start surfacing soon.

    As for price, should be in the $450+ range.

    Just wait couple of weeks, and make your decision then.
  6. about three - four weeks, A LOOOOT better, dx10, Shader Model 4.0 support
    8800gtx ~$540
    8800gts ~$410

    Nvidia GeForce 8800 GTX Details
  7. I heard from somebody that in order 2 run a direct x 10 card you HAVE 2 have Windows Vista so I take it that thats not true?
  8. you'll be able to run it, you just won't take the full advantage of dx10, that's the vista's selling point support for dx10
  9. now what about my psu because ive also heard that it will take a 700 watt psu for the next gen cards is their any truth 2 that
  10. BS

    NVidia 8800 GTX
    575Mhz "G80" core
    768MB GDDR3 memory at 900Mhz
    384-bit memory bus, delivering 86GB/s memory bandwidth
    128 unified shaders, clocked at 1350Mhz
    theoretical fill rate: 38.4 billion pixels per second
    HDCP compliant
    Length: "just under 11 inches"
    450W PSU required
    SLI capable
    NVidia 8800 GTS
    500Mhz "G80" core
    640MB GDDR3 memory at 900Mhz
    320-bit memory bus, delivering 64GB/s memory bandwidth
    96 unified shaders, clocked at 1200Mhz
    HDCP compliant
    Length: 9 inches
    400W PSU required
    SLI capable
  11. to SLI them you'll need a 800w psu
  12. do u know or how can i find out if my board can run them in sli mode
  13. you can't
  14. ok thanks
  15. no problem, and i think no one really needs to sli 8800 GTXs, i mean take a look at its specs. 8)
  16. Take a look at those specs for the 8800 gtx,its 11 inches long,so remember this is a huge card and may not fit alot of boards/cases
  17. good thinking, i was about to mention that. it's a good thing i got a full tower 8) :lol:
  18. I just checked and it will fit but it will be tight. Do you think that ati will release something after nvidia that is smaller that is directx 10 capable?
  19. Quote:
    Do you think that ati will release something after nvidia that is smaller that is directx 10 capable?

    what do mean by smaller? size or perf.?
  20. don't know
  21. has anybody heard about a release date from ati of their version of the dx 10 card
  22. ~ the end of q1 07
  23. sometime after the first of next year. i do believe :?:
  24. any idea about specs of that card
  25. if you mean ati,s r600? um no not sure.

    imo it will be better than g80=nvidia.
  26. Where'd you get those prices? Seems awfully low.

    From what I've read, the 8800GTX will be $649 and the 8800GTS will be around $499.

    Considering both cards will be better than the 7950GX2, they will probably be more expensive than the 7950GX2 is currently.
  27. Quote:
    From what I've read, the 8800GTX will be $649 and the 8800GTS will be around $499

    man i hope not :cry:

    but you may be right :?:
  28. sorry, looks like i got those prices wrong. nobody is 100% sure though
  29. Sadly it will be in January/Febuary release date whereas the 8800GTX/GTS will be out in December/November. ATI i hope is taking there time to tune there R600 cards.

    On that note anyone heard anything lately about the R600? or got pictures?
  30. nothing new :(
  31. All you have to do is look at history. And history shows that when NVidia lauches it's latest and greatest, it's usually $649 and the 2nd best is usually $549.

    I put down $499 for the GTS because I read it somewhere but my personal feeling is that it will be $549 to take the place of the 7950GX2.

    Without competition from ATI, it really wouldn't surprise me to see the 8800GTX sell for $699 and the GTS for $599.
  32. yep, i think we're gonna see the same story as with c2d prices right after launch. that's why i'm going to wait until jan or feb and see what's going on with g80, r600 and vista
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