No audio playing from rented DVD's?

I rented some DVD's today and the video plays fine on my computer's DVD RW but there is no audio. I have tried several different players, but all with no sound.

I have a Creative Audigy 2 se which plays audio CD's fine from the DVD player and plays movies and music fine from the Hard drive. The four-pin patch cord is connected from the DVD player to the soundcard. All the connections are fine as home-burned video and audio DVD's and CD's audio plays fine...only rented DVD's don't.

I played rented DVD's before with this DVD RW and the sound came through fine with my onboard audio card. The only difference now is that I have the Creative Audigy, which plays my CD's and DVD's audio fine...just not rented DVD's.

I'm stumped, does anyone have the answer???
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  1. hi.
    if you are able to play other media such cd or burned dvd
    from that drive i do not think that is a problem with the drive.
    check your setting af audio in
    sound and audio devices/volume/one digital output
    be sure this options is not checked.
    i can think for somethink else.
  2. Change DVD player.
    Try Windows Media, Realplayer, Intervideo WinDVD.
    Some player do not play certain files, while others do.
  3. Mmm, maybe try to download an AC3 audio codec plugin for your media player.
  4. I would agree on the AC3 comment. One thing though, why are you using the 4-pin sound cable? That might be what is causing the issue. It's standard now that all audio is transmitted digitally through the IDE bus. I would also try removing that 4-pin cable going to your sound card if you can't get it to work by changing software.
  5. Thanks Pippero, the AC3 codec did the trick! I now have sound, glorious sound from the movies!! Thanks to all for your input and ideas!!!
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