Laptop Intel Core Solo to Intel Core Duo

I have 2 laptops. One with an Intel Core Duo CPU and 15.4" screen, the other one with 13.1" and a Core Solo.
My question is very simple: Can I switch CPUs? Is it possible to put the Dual Core in the 13.1"?
Both have the same chipset (i945GM), so my guess is that it is technically possible to do it.
Would I need a firmware update?
The Core Duo is a M6807H Gateway laptop, my Core Solo one is a CisNet laptop PC (kind of a clone-based PC assembler)
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  1. I'm not sure , but the BIOS might not support the Duo. Also even among chipsets, there is variance in support for chips. The Duo probably has a different VM than the Solo.
    But with all that in mind, its possible.
  2. Looks like you're in luck, check this out:

    Scroll to the "backwards compatibility" section. You probably knew the chipset will work, but in your case I would just call Gateway to make sure.
  3. Check that the smaller laptop is not using a soldered on CPU, although it’s usually 12” or smaller that use these.
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