Second Take: Are Special Editions worth it?

When Rob made the comment referring to the Halo 3 legendary edition helmet as being "so small it wouldn't fit on your cat", I guess he was referring to the fact that he must have a sabre tooth tiger as a pet because that "cat" would be about the only cat the helmet wouldn't fit on, at least in regards to its actual physical size on the outside. It is almost full size in outer appearance.

Obviously, when the video was made it was before the official release of the game but I am wondering how many more opinions Rob gives without actually having played/held/seen in real life a given game/system etc? Wouldn't it be a more prudent direction to actually experience a given subject before stating your opinion based on it?
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  1. I thought it was a wearable helmet, but when I saw it at an EB games store I just laughed, why get that?
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