Anyone looking for a 2 wek X2 4800 dual core/and other parts

Hi everyone.In the last 2 weeks I have taken some partsin trade for working on peoples computers.Here's whati have to offer. A 2 week old X2 4800+ dual.Iinstalled this2 weeks ago,and he changed his mind and went with a FX60.I also have a complete Thermaltake Liquid cooling system.and a PhysXcard still in the box.and in 1 week i'llalso have a new nvidia 7950GX2 Brand new in a sealed box.This will have alifetime warranty aswell as the physX card.Here's what I'm asking.

X2 4800 dual core $190
Thermaltake Liquid cooling system $100
Bfg PhysX card $250
nVidia 7950GX2 $400
Anyone interested can leave me a PM message on her,or email me at Just put Parts in the subject header
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  1. Would have ripped the 4800+ but I live on Europe's behind so no chance for me to get it :wink:
  2. where are you located?
  3. I presume it'll be a 939 if he got a FX-60 instead, as I think the FX-60 is only for the 939 socket, although it would be best for the OP to clarify :)

    Pity I'm in the wrong continent too.
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