ASUS P5B Deluxe/wi-fi - how to instal Linux from CD?

hi all,

I have problems with installing Linux (the newest version of ubuntu) on my computer. Linux installer does not recognize JMicron JMB 363 PATA controller so I can't install it from a DVD (or CD). Simply, Linux can't mount my dvd writer during installation.

When I tried to install WinXp it went well - surely because WinXp has a driver for JMicron JMB 363 PATA controller. I can use my dvd having no problems as long as I use WinXP. Apparently, latest version of Ubuntu does not have the driver I need to mount the dvd.

Thanks for any help on this matter.

I read somewhere here that user "sluzebnik" had the same problem and he found a way to install Ubuntu from DVD. However, I didn't find a soluton on forumz pages. Please, sluzebnik e-mail me how did you find a solution to this problem.
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  1. There are ways to do it without having to use an optical disk. My favorite is to make an ISO, and put it in an easy to find directory on your system. Then download the network boot disk (or something of that nature) and have it install from the drive. You gotta make sure you have a good partition that you don't want to throw away, as you gotta run windows in a dual boot config. Well, you don't have to, but its the easiest way if you are just getting into linux.

    I will mention that I don't know the specifics of Ubuntu's installer, as I have only used the SUSE installer, but I would hope that a similar option would be available to the users of Ubuntu. You may want to check it out at

    PM me if you have any questions.
  2. I am also having the same issue. I would appreciate to know how you resolved the issue.

    I would appreciate if you can send me how you resolved the issue.

  3. It's possible some of the newer builds have support for the Jmicron, see this long thread at the Ubuntu Forums.

    As I remember I got it to install but still got a bootloader error, some say to use LILO instead of GRUB, if that's over your head (it's over mine, I'm a Linux noob), your best bet is to run it in VMware or try Microsoft's Virtual PC.

    I gave up and am running it through Vmware, it is quite speedy and you can get access to your XP files easily.
  4. You might be better off trying fedora ( version 6 just out ) as they seem to have a lot smoother installer / better HW support than many.
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