Search function not working properly.

I've been annoyed with this enough now to post it in here.

Every time I use the search function on this forum and actually find what I am looking for I get the following message when pressing the topic title.

"Sorry, this thread doesn't exist

Back to previous page"

Also, if I search for something without entering the correct or any subsection before hitting the "Launch a search" button I always get the following message when searching for something.

"Sorry, no answer could be found!

Back to previous page"

Now, this happends even if I search for topics started by my self, which means I know they are there! and I know they exist!

So annoying.. please see if you can find the time to fix this problem, would be very helpfull indeed.

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  1. The search function flat-out crashes for me. I was searching for the word Rankings and got this:


    Parse error: parse error, unexpected T_STRING, expecting ')' in /usr/www/users/sysdoc/search/search.php on line 99

    (I'm referring to the search window at the top of the screen, not the advanced search page).
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