Restart during torture test? unstable? or overheat?

Half an hour into a 100 percent cpu torture test, highest temp in coretemp being 83 C, the computer restarts. Is this just instability due to bios settings or is this a serious overheating issue. also, is there a program that monitors the temperature of the chipset(northbridge?)
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  1. That temp is overboard even for overclock. Check your vcore in the BIOS and make sure your heatsink is firmly attached (with thermal paste).
  2. Conroe 6600 Overclocked to 392 fsb (trying to reach 400) stepping b2
    intel d975xbx motherboard revision 2
    zalman cnps9700led
    twin2xp6400c4 corsair 2 gigs of ram
    raptor x
    silverstone 750 watt modular psu
  3. 83c is on the high side for a cpu, My Fx55 core threshold is 79C. So I think it's your temp. and as prozak26 said the temp. is to high to be able to run stable.

    So you'll have to get the temp down. a zalman CNPS9700 LED would help.
  4. i have a 9700. guess im too hot even fir that
  5. those temps are really high, are u using stock cooling?, if your are then you should buy a better heat sink i recomond this

    i own one and it kept a p4 at 4ghz cool to the touch during load, i would aslo get some artic sliver thermal paste to keep it even cooler
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