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can someone help me with 2 issues. The first is how to change my fsb multiplier. The second is why my multiplier seems to have changed over a couple of hours without any input from me? I ran cpu-z earlier today, and got the proper multiplier and processor speed but I just reran it and found my multiplier had gone from the expected 8 to 6. My core duo E6400 had gone from 2.13GHz (as stated earlier and purchased) to 1596MHz with the multiplier dropping to 6....any ideas why and how do I increase the multiplier. Thanks guys, from someone who knows just enough to be his pc
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  1. oh and i guess i should also tell you you my mobo is intel p965 express northbridge
  2. It is part of Intel's Speedstep technology. It lowers the multiplier and voltage to save power when you CPU is not in use. If you run a CPU intensive task, the multiplier and voltage should be restored.
  3. thank you, that makes sense. any idea where I go to access my multiplier settings to change them?
  4. If you don't have the X6800, the multiplier is locked. Only the system can lower the multiplier. Don't worry about the multiplier. When you system needs the speed it will bump it back up to the normal multiplier.
  5. how do i overclock my processor, fsb, ram
  6. You change the settings in the bios. You can adjust the frequency of the FSB and ratio of FSB:RAM.

    It depends on what type exactly of your motherboard. Manufacturer and model. If you can tell us that, telling how to overclock is easier.
  7. dell pc, intel based P965 express 6400, 2x512 Mb ddr2 667MHz sdram, shitty video card that is going to be upgraded 1066 fsb
  8. Most manufactured computers can not be overclocked at all, your Dell is the same way.

    Just so you know: FSB is not related video cards at all. FSB is only related to the processor.
  9. yes, the fsb just got thought of last, and that sucks, even with jumpers on the motherboard nothing can be changed?
  10. You're out of luck. There aren't any jumpers to overclock it. Next time just build your own computer.
  11. now i remember why i did that about 10 years ago, just seemed easier and no more expensive to let someone else do it but now i know why, guess if i wanna oc i will have to buy a new motherboard and go from there...thanks man, i appreciate the info
  12. Sure thing.
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