Need advice on case fans

i need to know the best 120mm and 80mm case fans that will run quitely and keep my pc cool.

also what are the best fan controllers available?
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  1. RPM wise what are you looking for?
    Current favorite for (cheep) low noise fans are Yate Loon's.
    Zalman, Arctic Cooling and Scythe (non fluid dynamic bearing version) fans are also not bad for there price.

    And for higher priced fans.
    Scythe (fluid dynamic versions)

    Fan controllers
    The cheep (read free) way of controlling fan speed is the 7v or 5v mod

    But for fan controllers
    Zalman ZM-MFC1 is a good simple controller.
    It will not let your fans drop below 5v of power, and it allows you to still send the fans RPM signal to the motherboard or any other RPM monitoring device. But if you don't like the looks it should not be very hard to just make a new faceplate from a drive bay cover.

    Also could pick up some ($5) Zalman Fan Mate 2's if you only have 1 or 2 fans you need to control.
  2. If you want automatic fan control, try Speedfan.
  3. im too lazy to deal with fan controlers and stuff.

    just go to newegg, find some with decent airflow (id say more than 70 for case) and pick the one with the lowest db rating.

    i got (i think it was an apevia or something) fan for like 5 bucks and it seems to blow decent air. the inside of my case hovers around 5c more than room temp.

    without massive cooling i dont think i can do much better than that (its not possible really to cool below room temp on air). unless its air conditioned air.

    lol *invisions strapping an old ac to computer case* possibly next weekend project when im bored.
  4. The last place online I would buy computer fans is Newegg, 5 bucks per fan to ship what a great deal. 8O
    Try Frozen Cpu, Jab-Tech, or any other online stores that ships by weight. Online sellers that are aimed more at PC enthusiasts are normally the best places to buy fans and other small stuff from.
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