e6600 fsb 1066 right, lol, im lost

looking at the overclocking guide they reccomend fsb at 333, gives you a 3ghz speed overclocked, so why do they even advertise this proc at 1066fsb, i mean anyone setting fsb to 1066 (x9 would be 9ghz system, umm and hot as the dam sun.

im sure theres an answer for that question lol im a newb and stareing at the overclocking sun as blinded me to it.
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  1. thank you so damn much for that explanation. my head was just twisted with the intel fsb, didnt consider dividing by 4. I considered it times by 2 was close, just not close enough.
  2. e6600 runs best at 1500fsb = 3.4ghz
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