Why do I have to start my computer twice?

I've been getting a really weird error lately. When I start my computer up from being off all night then it will power on and everything lights up and the normal stuff, but my monitor doesn't receive a signal. Once I push the reset button on the front of my case then it starts up normally. It always takes the reset button but only once. I don't get any error beeps or anything. I'll list my system specs and any help you can give is appreciated.

AM2 Sempron 2800+ stock 1.6ghz OC'd to 2.12ghz(I know it sucks)
MSI K9N Neo-F Nforce 550
2GBs of Patriot extreme DDR2-800 OC'd to 880
Sapphire X1300Pro 256mb Video Card
Seagate 250GB Perpendicular Recording SATA2 HD
Maxtor 200GB SATA HD
Hipro HP-P500W Powersupply

I just barely switched power supplies to the hipro from a cheap generic and it did it on both so I don't think its the power supply. Is it possible that the overclocking of the CPU is causing the problem and is there any way to fix it if it is. I'll try going back to stock speed tonight and see if it does it in the morning. Thanks
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  1. Thanks, I dialed it back to stock speeds and it started fine this morning. I'm trying it at 2.0ghz. Maybe I was pushing the ram a little bit too much at 4-4-4-12 timings. Anyway thanks for your response.
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