Does The eVGA 7900 GT KO support HDCP?

As my question says

Does The eVGA 7900 GT KO support HDCP?
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  1. Check their site site to be sure.

    But IIRC no it doesn't have the HDCP support, that only became standard on the GX2 and 7950 series.

    For the GF7900 you have to look for it, and the only ones I remember are the GF7900 GS HDCP from their refreshes. The GF7600GS and 7900GS got the HDCP IIRC, until the GF7950 series came along.

    But check to be sure, since I'm not.
  2. I know there is a 7900GS w/ HDCP but in the ZZF site (where Im about to get the videocard) they dont say if the 7900GT KO supports HDCP. Im asking cuz they have the same price and I know the GT is faster but I prefer to get HDCP than 20mhz more.

    I need help :S
  3. I meant check eVGA's site. :idea:
  4. Looks like NOT because the ones that DO support say "w/ HDCP"
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