What would you upgrade to?

I'm kinda in a bit of a muddle at the minute on choosing between these two processors,


AM2 3800+, has ddr2 memory and is 2.4 ghz clock speed, only 512 cache tho.


AMD 3700+ 939 San diego, ddr 1 memory with 1 m cache, 2.2 ghz clock speed,

Also if anyone knows of any other budget (60 - 90 quid) cpu's that are good for gaming, or maybe a cheaper site to buy from please feel free to post.

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  1. ty mate, probs still going to go with a am2 tho, because im on socket a at mo
  2. If you are near or in londinum you might want to check this place out :- http://www.yoyotech.co.uk/product_info.php?cPath=3_4&products_id=773&osCsid=845961e090832f9345ad3c4e40043a4d.
  3. Thats quite a florescent site they have. Are they pretty quick with getting the latest tech?
  4. :lol: There was a time when you didn't need shades to view the page, but having been in there a few times I'll let them have that one because they do like to keep up with the times and the tech, and they are not adverse to a bit of haggling :wink: which is always good, and what with the 'this weekend only % off' type deals they have from time to time, overall they're not too bad, may not be the the best but far from the worst. 8)
  5. the CPUs have different sockets and can't fit on the same mainboard.
    If you compare the same models on the same sockets(and same ODMCs), the 3800+ is faster by 8.5% in average.
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