Need help installing P5W DH with Thermaltake Armor

have some small questions in installing P5W DH with Thermaltake Armor.

1. IEEE 1394
Thermaltake: VP, VG, VG, GROUND
Mobo: +12V, +12V, GND, GND

I plug VP--GND, GROUND--GND, VG--+12V, VG--+12V. Any wrong here?

2. Top panel audio connector EAR MIC
Thermaltake: AZALIA, AC'97
Which is right one?

3. Bottom panel, near expansion slots there is 2 pin called Micro SW. I dont know where should I put it?

This is the PSU I am using:

I am wondering which side of fan should put PSU in case? I am going to use hdd there.

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  1. I can assure you, VP-->+12V is ok. I can also assure you that VG--->+12V is NOT ok. Something is wrong in your setup.
  2. Quote:
    I can assure you, VP-->+12V is ok. I can also assure you that VG--->+12V is NOT ok. Something is wrong in your setup.

    From what you wrote then it must be this way isn't it?
    Case -->Mobo
    VP --> +12V
    VG --> GND
    VG --> GND
    GROUND --> +12V
    TPA+ --> TPA+
    TPA- --> TPA-
    TPB+ --> TPB+
    TPB- --> TPB-

    If i'm not mistaking you can only mount the PSU in pne direction on your case. So the fan will be pointed towards the 120mm exahust fan that's in the case.

    This is the image when the fan side of PSU points toward case side which the mobo is sticked on (not window side):

    Should I leave it like this or change the fan side of PSU points to window case side?

    This is image when I put the HDD cage next to PSU and the rear fan:

    Should I put HDD there or in front?


    Check your motherboard manuel for proper orentatioon of the firewire and audio plugs. There should be a picture of it so you can orent the cable correctly. If not the black wires on the cable are the ground wires.

    I looked at mobo manual it doesn't help much in installing IEEE1394.

    I am confuse about audio plugs to. In manual it says about connector on mobo supports HD Audio and AC'97 Audio either. I know where is it. But the case's audio cable splits into 2 connectors: 1 marked as AZALIA, 1 marked as AC'97. Between AZALIA and AC'97 which connector shoud I use?

    Micro SW-
    It is a little square shaped button near the bottom on the case, it should be the intrusion switch. This is image:
    What is the connector for it on mobo?
  3. The POWER SW is the reset switch(I think); the intrusion jumper is a bit above it and both are easily displayed in the manual. The intrusion jumper is on the bottom left of your case and runs from the push switch you see when you slap your case door off/on. I hooked mine up properly, but didn't hear anything. I don't like it either way because when you're fiddling with stuff (ie installing hardware) you have to totally put the side window on as well as the thumbscrews or bios will not start and just spits "Chassis open intrusion alert!" to the screen.

    Your audio comes in AC97 or Hi Def (the other one you mentioned). The jumper to this supports either/or and is on the VERY bottom far LEFT of the MOBO.

    There's a lot of reports of PC crashes/bad sound with the Hi Def so I think the bios needs fixed for that. The top push panel that you're talking about will support any of them.

    The firewire, again, is easily shown in the manual. It goes in the RED set of jumpers on the bottom of the mobo next to the 2 sets of BLUE jumpers (thesre are your USB).

    If you don't know what I'm talking about then look to the very left of your led setup(that POWER SW you're talking about) and you'll see 2 plastic blue jumper plugins and then a red one close to that keep going to the end of the mobo and you'll see your audio ones.

    I used the HiDef audio and had crashing also, swapped to AC97. I plan to get a standalone card either way.
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