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Wow Sarah is amazing looking. You guys should put here in front of the camera more often. That is of course if she doesn't mind. Hey Sarah don't bail on next year, you make a fantastic Mrs. Claus.
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  1. lol, yeah, it was a welcome reprive from seeing Rob.

    ps j/k Rob, you'll have your own fan club some day..
  2. ouch.
  3. I'd hit it :kaola:
  4. I agree. She looks great. :)
  5. ditto,

    i particularly think she's got great skin...i like the lighter, more "peaches N' cream" variety more than the darker "trendy tan" that most women strive for these days
  6. she is probably a little freaked out about people talking about her over the internet. I agree she is very beautiful however im sure she thinks everyone on these forums is a fat, smelly, nerd... :P
  7. I am a fat, smelly nerd. Oh, and sign me up for the fan club thing!
  8. She has done other videos? Which ones?
  9. netsez said:
    She has done other videos? Which ones?

    :ouch: :D :o I'd like to see those.
  10. hairycat101 said:
    I am a fat, smelly nerd. Oh, and sign me up for the fan club thing!

  11. sarah = hot :love:
    ben + mrs. claus' christmas hood thingy = comedy genius :bounce:

    still, i prefer sarah :p
    and yes i registered on these forums just to say i love you sarah <3, in a non- stinky/nerdy/pervy way of course.
  12. The one from tech darling is a different Sarah right? Cause I think that one is gorgeous.
  13. There is only the one.
  14. I'd do all of you if I was blind.
  15. It's domesticating to assume a woman needs a fanclub.
  16. exfileme said:
    I'd do all of you if I was blind.

    Um. looking at your profile I see that you are a couple of thousand years old :hello: Can you still do much?
  17. Now is this detail really on Sarah's job description? If so, Great job, fabulous poses, Sarah, you deserve a raise; if not, ask for a raise at the least.
    Secondly, Sarah, if you feel overworked you'll need to do some more recruiting of "model" type staff at Tom's. That is if you can handle the competition...

    I look forward to seeing you in next year's gift guide.

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