PSU difficulties in Thermaltake Armor/Kandalf

Have any of you guys out there got the TT Armor/Kandalf cases?

I've had a look around in reviews and shopping places like newegg with ratings and a lotta ppl said they had difficulties installing their PSU cuz od size/support bracket/top panel in the way/fan in the way/ issues

Could you tell me what power supply you used, and if you had any difficulties?

I've heard Thermaltake's own range don't fit well... LOL
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  1. I have the black armor (I believe 8000BW or something) and I use this one:

    It fits fine if you take your time. I'd imagine any poiwersuppply is a bit of a headache to get in there, but they will go if you take your time.

    It took me about 30 min to get that one in there, being the first time I used both so ... I could probably re-slap it in there within a few min now that I figured out how to get it in there and use the mount bracket.
  2. Quote:
    Could you tell me what power supply you used, and if you had any difficulties?

    My Armor has had a Liberty 620, a OCZ Gamextreme and a Mushkin 650 in it. I don't see why people would say it's a hassle. It's so roomy, I thought it was easy. Pop out the top drive bay, unscrew and pull out the support beam then mount the PS. I put teflon tape on all surfaces the PS rides on. Then reverse the process. 10 minutes tops.
  3. I have a Thermaltake Armor Black (with the pop up) on the top. For the life of me, I can't take out the psu. Please help
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