8800GTX Power Question

I have read that the 8800GTX graphic card will require an 450W PSU and 15A

I heard that one 12V rail on a dual rail PSU (and maby on every PSU) is dedicated to the processor alone, and the 2nd rail, to the HD, DVDs, Fans and Graphic card

I want to know the Enermax Liberty 620W PSU will be able to run the 8800GTX with its power requiremants

It has 22A on each 12v rail and is dual rail. Total 44A.

Is one rail (22A) really going only to the CPU, and I am left with only 22A for the graphic card (15A) and the rest of the system?

If so then not many PSUs will be able to run a 8800GTX, I just wonder if this information is true.

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  1. One rail goes to the motherboard as a whole, so CPU, memory, chipset etc.. The other rail is for everything else, gfx, hdd, cd etc.
  2. Dont forget the 8800GTX can pull up to 75W from the motherboard if it likes, its not all loaded on the PCI-E power connectors.
  3. Split rail PSU's suck. Go with a powerful single 12V rail instead. I just purchased pcpowercooling 825watt psu with a kick ass 60amp 12v rail in preperation for the new cards. I dont have to worry about power being divided up among the rails.
  4. Though it depends a bit upon the total amount of hardware you're running, I think the Enermax 620wt should do you fine, unless you decide to go SLI. From what I've read, a SLI setup would need closer to 800wt. Could be wrong about that. Will know more when the cards actually come out.
  5. Wusy i dont understand. how can they advertise 22A on each but only output a combined 32A, sound like false advertising to me i guess im mising something
  6. Any of the two rail can output 22A, just not at the same time. The super highend PSU with multiple rails might be able to get close to 100% on both rail.

    Always look at the combien 12V rail output, that's one of the most usefull data...
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