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Well not really overclocking, but I got a curious question about LCD monitor. Well as many of you knows about the fixed/locked 60hz refresh rate on Nvidia graphics card. I have fixed that problem since my LCD monitor supports up to 75hz. The cards (7800GTX) only allowed/showed 60hz as an option. So I adjusted the advance timing and set the refresh rate to 75hz. Now my monitor is showing 75hz as it can supports it. I did this a while back but this got me thinking today.

So my question now, knowing the manufacturer's spec on my LCD monitor. It states that it's maximum refresh rate is 75hz. So my question now is what happens if I go over that limit? Will I get an better frame rate and with the vertical sync on of course. Or will I just damage my monitor? I know this is a silly question but I must know it nonetheless. :)

I know the more higher refresh rate the better and smoother the picture.

This is my monitor. Sony SDM-HS95P 19" LCD

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  1. You won't get better frame rates. Read this.
  2. Yeah some Nvidia cards like my 7800GTX have a fixed 60hz. My monitor supports up to 75hz. Before with my X800GTO it gives me the option up to 75hz. But when I got the 7800GTX it gives me the highest refresh rate of 60hz. So I did manually set the timings in advance option and set the refresh rate to 75hz. Now it's working fine as the refresh rate is now at 75hz. But I was just wondering if it's possible to go over the monitor's maximum refresh rate.

    Well, it's okay when I play single player at 75hz and it give me smooth gaming. But not as smooth as my old CRT monitor. Thing it I don't like that anymore since it took so much space on my desk leaving no room for my keyboard. On online gaming on the other hand it wouldn't matter since the framerate is decreased below 75fps like BF2 jumping from 30-40fps.
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