running safe mode, help!!! new build!!

Hey guys, I just got done building my new comp. Well, I had it built for a while, But the Hardrive I bought off ebay craped out, but it was under warrenty so I got a new one free. But to the problem, My computer had been running fine. For the most part. I had some problems, like my motherboards wifi was messed, everytime I had started up the computer, the computer had said it was ok to remove it. Im not using the wifi so I click ok. I think its disabling the drivers, or removing them. Im not sure what it does when I tell it to remove the hardware or w/e. I also had some stability problems, if thats what they are called. everytime I tried starting microsoft media player the speakers would emit a a high pitched noise and nothing would happen. and somtimes I would try to start my games, i would click on them and the computer would start thinking, but nothing would happen. and when I would click the icon again, it would say I can only have one running at a time. Far cry is a little different, it would at least go to the loading screen, but then it would stop responding everytime. Also, everytime I try shutting down a program called ccAp would always stop responding or w/e and I would have to hit end task or wait for it to shut down automatically. I dont even know what ccAp is. Oh, and sometimes, besides the ccAp, windows would take as much as 10 minutes to shut down. And now to the problem at hand. last night I was on it for a awhile. I played some games, downloaded a few programs. and did windows update. Then I shut the computer down. and when I came to it this morning it wouldnt boot correctly. everytime it would get to the windows xp loading screen, where the bars go across, and after about 2 or 4 bars go across the computer would just freeze. So I am now running it in safe mode with networking. it seems to be working. but you guys need to help me please.

2 x 1gig OCZ Platinum 4-5-4-12
WD2500SD - 250 gig drive
asus P5b wifi
X-Fi platinum
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  1. You can use this site to figure out what all the programs and processes are about.
    ccApp.exe is Symantec’s Common Client Application for Norton AntiVirus 2003/4/5.
    Shut down all unnecessary programs & processes (including Symantec - while not connected to the 'Net of course). Add one service or program at a time and see if you can figure out what is causing your stability problems.
  2. Sounds like your norton install has gone tits up. uninstall/re-install may fix it.
  3. thanks for the info, i will uninstall norton, and see if things get better. I will keep you guys posted. but would that cause the computer to stop booting?
  4. guys its not letting me uninstall norton in safe mode. help? should i just delete the folder in program files? or would there still be stuff in the registry?
  5. I've always found norton to be a pain in the ass when it goes tits up, you have to uninstall from within windows if you just delete the folder the system will more likely go really weird, if I were you I would back up all the important stuff and then format the c: drive and do a fresh windows install.
  6. I dont know if i really want to reformat my hardrive. because I just got my computer back up and running from a dead hardive like 4 days ago.
  7. Norton is evil evil evil, and once it decides to take hold is almost impossible to remove.

    Unfortunately a Windows reinstall is probably by far the simplest way out, next time try NOD32 or AVG :)
  8. Unfortunately for you Norton modifies your systems windows files when it installs (in fact they are very angry that MS is trying to fix this in Vista). That means that even if you found and deleted every bit of Norton and got rid of all of its registry entries your problem would still exist.

    If you really don't want to format then you can install a new copy of windows over the one you have or to a new directory on your HD. Then you would get rid of your old one. I really don't recommend this it doesn't tend to work as well as a clean install.

    Just do yourself a favor and stay way away from Norton and McAfee. They are evil and definately doing their best to slow the advancement of windows security. They are really only intersted in trying to milk as much money from their current code and windows insecurity as they can. They are opposed to anything that makes Windows more secure. Use a program like AVG anti virus. That is what I have switched to. It catches a lot of things that Norton/McAfee don't and it uses a far smaller portion of your systems resourses.

    Go to and download the fully featured free for non-commercial use version.
  9. alright you guys, I dinkered around with my computer, like my door wouldnt close so I switched where my x-fi front panel was so now the door closes, and I finished putting my side panels on (never got around to it). and I tried booting. and it worked fine! for some reason its working fine. Im gonna delete norton while i can. I do have a pirated copy of macafee that gives me free updates and everything. I have it running on my other comp and it works fine. Should I use the macafee or go with AVG? cause macafee is whole suit. internet security or w/e.
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