Sick of the pop up Green Underline ads on Toms?

Simple fix:
open IE, click on tools, internet options, click the security tab and highlight restricted sites. Click on the sites button below it and on the add this site to the zone: enter this just as it look's *

Refresh the page - no more roll over rubbish :D Happy browsing all. I'm sure the is an equivilent way to do it in Firefox but I haven't tried it.
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  1. sweet it works
  2. God Bless you and your offspring...I can't tell you how annoying those links are...They're the html version of speed bumps....
  3. you sir are a gentleman and a scholar and i thank you form the bottom of my heart those things are so damn annoying and your post was the only thing on the internet that i could find that made any sense or even knew what i was talking about may intellitxt burn in hell!!!
  4. use fire fox and ad block

    aka cockblock for ads
  5. I had to remove adobe flash player. It was corrupted
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