Computer Crashed Need Help ASAP

I was using my computer and it shut off and now it wont start no fans or hard drive spin up or anything I need to know if this is a motherboard or Power Supply problem

about a month ago it started to lock up and I had to reboot it every time and sometimes it would just reboot. This usually happens when I was playing games or running alot of programs at the same time

here is my computer
FSP power supply 480W 500w Peak
XP Pro
AMD X2 4200+ Dual Core CPU
ASUS A8N-SLI Premium
2 GB OCZ Ram
EVGA Geforce 7800 GTX 256 MB
Sound Blaster Audigy 4
Plextor DVDR PX-716A
Maxtor 6L300SO 300GB SATA
Western Digital WD3200KS-00PFB0 320GB SATA 3.0
Viewsonic VX922 19" LCD Monitor
Bose 2.1 Speakers
Thermaltake Armor Series VA8000BWS Black Aluminum/Steel ATX Case
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  1. If nothing is spinning up (hard drives, fans..... nothing) I would say your power supply is a very good bet as the source of the problem. If you have another supply that you can test in that system, try it out and see what happens.
  2. There is a light on the motherboard that lights up when the switch on the powersupply is turned on and if it is the power supply what would be a good PSU to replace it with?
  3. Actually, that is a very capable PSU. Is it still under warranty? Smell anything funny?

  4. I also think there is a very good chance its your PSU, i had one do that to me before i would be playing WOW and it would just flat turn off on me, i was like o hell no, and immediately went out and bought a new PSU and everything was fine, my recomendation for a PSU is Antec TruePower Trio.

    It is kind of risky to try the PSU in another machine to verify it is faulty because it might damage it, but the only other alternatives is to take it to be tested, which costs money that you could be using towards a new PSU, or just buy another one and see if that fixes the problem, but you might be screwed here, if you let it go that long without replacing the PSU and it went bad it may have went way wrong and fried some stuff when it went out, but you may have gotten lucky and it died peacefully.
  5. I smelled something sort of like plastic being melted or burned from where the power supply was
  6. OUCH yeah something went to the computer hardware junkyard in the sky, now to figure out what it was, dissasemble the Computer and look for damage on both sides of the PCB on all hardware, also pull the cover off of your PSU and check it out, Look for blown caps etc, time to do some detective work -=P
  7. I took apart everything and I think the smell was coming from my video card
  8. Oh man i dont want to alarm you because this is just horrible for you and i know you are going nuts right now, so just relax, work at it with a calm steady technical perspective, yes i know your baby just got FUC|<ed up but hopefully it isnt too bad, im gonna be up all night doing some stuff i dont have to leave until 7:15am CST so i am more then happy to help you until then, lets get cracking, respond quickly so we can get this going in real time, maybe in IRC or even in messenger, just PM me back if you want.
  9. I had the SAME exact smell. A bigger problem will be getting rid of the smell, lol, trust me. Start using air freshners now, the smell doesn't go away easily...

    Yeah, mine was the PSU. I opened it up, and all I see is blackened caps, looks like mold has been growing on them for years.

  10. Quote:
    I took apart everything and I think the smell was coming from my video card

    In that case, the PSU and video card will probably need to be replaced then. To be sure though, have a look at the edges of the video card, the capacitors on the video card, and the inside of the power supply for any black edges, or blown capacitor caps.
  11. I took out my video card and the fans spun up so I am guessing that I need to replace my video card

    how would I know what caused the video card to die could it have been the PSU?
  12. Do you have any friends that are good with computers? If so have one check it out for you. You don't want to start spending money on stuff that does not need to be replaced. I had a friend who's computer got hit by a major power spike and he had no protection on it and it only fired the modem. That was an older machine.

    Your machine is a fairly current system and usually the mother board has some kind of fail safe built into it that will shut is down if there is a problem.
  13. I think I am just going to take it to a computer store and have it checked out. Should I just take it to best buy or should I take it to a local computer repair place?
  14. I disconnected the power connection from the PSU to the video card and the fans spun up and the computer beeped three times? what would that mean?
  15. I opened my Power supply but I didn't see anything that looked burnt or anything and it didn't smell like anything fried either
  16. I have no idea if you should take your computer to Best Buy or not. I have never taken my computer to a repair shop before so I can't really give you advice there. I have a friend that took his to Besy Buy once and it cost him over a hundred dollars to repair some thing fairly simple.

    Not sure what the beeps mean either. Do you have a manual or what type/model number is your motherboard that might help. Sometimes the manual will tell you what the warning beeps mean. Are they long beeps short beeps?

    Also I really don't advise you to open your power supply that could create more problems and could be dangerous.

    Check this link out hopefully it will help you.

    Look at the chart and then click on the trouble shooting procedue to the right that matches your problem.
  17. If I take the video card out everything will spin up and I get the no video beep code from the bios beep codes I need my computer fixed asap so I need to know if it is the motherboard or PSU or video card that is messed up. Right now I am thinking it is the video card

    what I am thinking of doing is going to best buy and buying a new video card to see if that works
  18. sup Pip;

    Do you have any friends with a graphics card you could put in to test the rest of the machine out with, alot of times people have a cheapy laying around they dont care about that is great for testing purposes, if you have friends that have computers, now is a good time to put those resources to work for you. If not you already know your graphics card is fried, so just go buy a new one. It might also be a good idea to find out why your graphics card died, did the fan on it go out and it just over heated so many times it finally failed or what is the deal there, figure it out so you know what to look for and dont let it happen again in the future.
    Also dont go to best buy to get a graphics card they are way way too expensive and are a rip off, go to newegg instead and save yourself some money and get a better card too.

    Another resource for computer hardware and software is its a whole bunch of different E-tailers, that post their merchandise and compete for buisness, its a great resource. Newegg is among the best, but it is always good to shop and compare, alot of times you can have things shipped 3 day or 2 day for a reasonable price, and its still cheaper then going to the store and buying it.
  19. If I take the video card out all of the fans and hard drives seem to be working so I am thinking it is a video card problem or it might be both the video card and psu If I buy a new video card and it ends up being my PSU that is messed up would it mess up my new video card?
  20. Hmmm you are in a very difficult situation. Remember I didn't tell you this and others might not agree but you probably have no choice. But I would say this is the cheaper alternative. Pick up a new PSU from Best Buy, CompUsa or Radio Shack (which actually has some decent stuff). Get a decent PSU. Try it out.

    If that cures your problem cool then keep the power supply. But if it does not take the power suppy back to the store and claim that it does not work or is the wrong type for your system. Some places will take it back on questions asked if you do it within 15 days.

    Of course then you will need to figure out what to do about your video card and is it really the card. Good luck. :wink:
  21. thanks for the help

    If it isn't my power supply what would be a good video card brand to replace it I want to go with an NVida based card
  22. If it is your card how long have you had it? It may still be under warranty. That is a pretty good card you have.

    I just ordered at 7950GT have not gotten it yet but it is supposed to be a great card. Less than 300 bucks 512mb.
  23. If I have to replace my graphics card I think I will get this
  24. OMG don't ever buy power supplies at Best-Buy, Circuit City etc.... they are like 30% over priced. Go to an actual local computer shop. Did you notice if your fan on your graphics card was or wasn't working before your system "fried" ? I am guessing if your video card fired that may have been the cause. By chance where you also over clocking anything? I would buy a new video card and make sure that you can bring it back to the store you purchase it if it doesn't seem to be the problem. But from what you describe I think it is the problem.

    Once a month I clean the inside of my PC and even if its clean I make sure ALL my fans are working.

    PS exchange you Video card if its still under warranty.
  25. pip;

    why dont you RMA the graphics card you have? isnt it still under warrantee? if so i dont understand why you would go buy another one LOL
  26. I will but it will take at least a week for me to get it replaced from the warranty, and I need my computer up and running now. I am thinking of upgrading to a new BFG or XFX card that will have a lifetime warranty.

    If the warranty still covers it I will just sell the replacement card and keep the newer better one

    I am going to try a different PSU and see if that will do anything
  27. Ok heres the deal, buy a mid range card and hold out till the geforce 8800GTX comes out, that would be my personal choice given your situation. The 7600GT can be had for $156, and that would definately get you by untill the Geforce 8800GTX comes out. Which will definately be worth the wait, 384-bit memory interface, 768MB of DDR3, its gonna be a BEAST and wont be any more expensive then the 7900GTX you want to buy now, it just doesnt make sence to buy a lesser card that is DX9 when you can wait just a tiny bit and get a DX10 card.

    I dont think there is anything wrong with your PSU, if that was the case you wouldnt be seeing the odd behavior of the computer powering up when the graphics card is out of the machine, and not powering up when it is in the machine, i think your EVGA just flat out melted down, which btw doesnt suprise me, they arent the greatest brand in the world, I would suggest you dont buy another one again, stick with BFG, Asus, XFX, there are a few other reputable card makers as well.

    Anyway just order the 7600GT for now and then when your 7800GTX gets back from RMA use it and sell the 7600GT on e-bay or something, then wait for the 8800GTX, thats the best advice i can give you.
  28. thanks for the advice I think I will do that and I am going with an XFX or BFG card
  29. any idea when the 8800GTX will be available?
  30. so I should get something like this?

    and how would it compare to a 7800GTX?
  31. 7800GTX will own the 7600GT...Hands down, man. Check out THG's GPU Charts..


    P.S. I'm more patient than you, but I'd just RMA the card...It'd be cheaper.
  32. I know the 7800 owns the 7600 and I have looked at the charts at toms hardware and I am going to RMA the EVGA card that burnt out and sell it when I get it back because I don't really think they EVGA makes very good quality cards

    I am going to wait untill the 8800GTX is released and will most likely upgrade to that
  33. Hey, not a bad idea!


    P.S. Think somebody mentioned it already, but it was a huge post and I got lazy.
  34. Is it true that you will not be able to take full advantage of the new directX10 cards unless you are running windows Vista? Also I imagine the new cards will be expensive since they will be the flagship cards and then the mid and budget cards will follow.
  35. I believe so...I get confused with the DX10/HDCP/MS stuff, so I might be wrong.

  36. How big of a power Supply is needed to power the 8800GTX?

    I ordered the XFX 7600GT off of newegg today once I get it I will give an update to see if that fixed my problem

    I will work on getting an rma for my dead EVGA card tommorow
  37. A beefy one. At least 30A on the 12V+ rail. Minimum, IMO. Some may say lower, but I like to be on the safe side rather than the smoking computers side (Rare, but it can happen!).

    You could always just buy one of those GPU PSUs...

  38. I read an article about the 8800GTX, its gonna be a power hungry bastard as you can imagine, the reported PSU requirement is 450W, but its more about the Amps on the +12v rail, the Antec TruePower Trio 550 puts out 18x3 amps, three rails at 18 amps apiece, for a total of 54 amps. That will definately do the trick, but if you want a little more power, the 650 puts out 19x3 for a total of 57 amps, it is the best PSU on the market.
  39. the PSU I linked to above will have enough power and amps to run the 8800GTX and the rest of my computer too right?
  40. I recomend this one instead it has two +12v rails at 19 amps apiece for a total of 38 amps, if you arent going to get the TruePower Trio, but i dont know why you would quivel over $14 the Trio is the better PSU.
  41. ok sounds good
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