Hiper Type-R 580W for 7900GTO SLI?

My question is, would the Hiper PSU be sufficient for the following config:

Core2 6400
Corsair XMS 2 GB RAM
2 x eVGA 7900 GTO SLI
1x WD Caviar 250 gig
1x DVD/CD Burner
5-6 case fans total (PSU+CPU included)

Now, as you can see there is not much running in my case besides the main components. I've only got 1 disc and optical drive, no floppy, etc. According to the eXtreme PSU calc, this adds up to 430 W. Could the Hiper pull it off?

Found something interesting.

On the Hiper site, the PSU is listed as being Crossfire compatible all the way up to the X1950 (the current top Radeon model, if I'm not mistaken).


It doesn't say how far up the chain the compability extends to Nvidia cards. However, on the Johnny Guru site review of the PSU, it claims the unit is SLI compatible with "up to 6600GT cards".


So what to make of this? The two claims seem to contradict one another. Certainly, if the PSU can run x1950's in Crossfire (as indicated on the manufact. site), then it can run a comparable SLI config, something higher than 6600's.
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  1. I'm sure if it can power the most power hungry card on the market now in crossfire, it can easily handle your two 7900gt's

    Here is a link of the power consumption of two 7900's

  2. The card is actually the 7900 GTO, which is closer to a GTX than a GT, but thanks for the link, I appreciate it. I now feel more confident about getting the PSU.
  3. Your graphics cards will draw the most watts out of your psu. Besides that you have minimal components, with a low wattage awesome cpu.

    I would feel safe getting that psu, I have the same one running an x1900xt (not the same as SLI) and it runs beautifully.
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