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Last response: in Computer Peripherals
April 14, 2002 6:04:26 AM

I have decided to purchase a 15 to 17 inch LCD monitor and am stuck on which one to get. Is it worth the price difference to go with the 17inch over the 15inch? Should I go with analog or DVI? Or both??? And what brand is the favorite here? Model? I do play a lot of first person 3D games and am wondering if it will really make a difference. I really don't want to get another CRT because I find that they are too bulky and they just aren't as impressive ;)  I already had a 19inch CRT and while I thought it's performance and picture quality was satisfactory, I still found that it was too big (both the viewscreen and the casing). Has anyone played games like Quake 3 and RTCW with an LCD? Does it look the same? Thanx for your time.

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April 14, 2002 3:34:23 PM

Well, since you play a lot of games I would wait to buy a flat panel until you start seeing lower response times and new technologies like FFD, etc. The wait probably wouldn't be too long, as I would expect to see LCDs with FFD in about 2-3 months (in U.S.).

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April 14, 2002 3:45:56 PM

I have used both 15" and 17" LCD's (used to own a VP150M, and recently returned a TFT7020, as well as having used LCD's at many freinds' houses). Personally, I do think it's worth getting a 17", cause the viewing area is very nice and large (although not too large- too large will be when I get an LCD over 22":) ) I think right now one of the most solid performers is the 170T, cause I haven't really heard any compaints about it. Q3 and RTCW will look just fine on an LCD, and w/ a 25ms response time of the 170T, there really shouldn't be any ghosting. However, if you want a crisper image, wait a few months and get something w/ FFD. In addition, LCD's w/ really low response times are on teh horizon, and that WILL make a difference in gaming.

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April 14, 2002 3:56:34 PM

ICE, what kind of monitor are you using right now? That could also make a difference. I mean, right now I have a laptop that I have used since '98, and the display on it I am sure has terrible specs and probably a high response time. So when switching from something that us similar to my display to a newer LCD, I'm sure you won't notice any issues (well, I know I wouldn't, as I tried to with the VG191 and never could, but I'm sure it ghosts at least a little bit). Just something to consider.

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April 14, 2002 4:04:15 PM

Right now on a 15" CRT, so any issues w/ slow response time are noticeable when looking at LCD, as well as viewing angle and contrast (although that's really not a problem nowadays).

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April 14, 2002 5:21:08 PM

Hrmm, I replied earlier but I don't see my reply anywhere. Oh well, here goes again. The reviews on the 170T look great, in fact they say it performs much like a CRT monitor. Since I've been using a cheaper Daytek 19inch 905DF monitor up until now, I think this will definately be a step up, and gaming should look the same...if not better. In case you were wondering, I have a Radeon 8500LE 128 MB DDRAM video card. The cheapest price I have found for this monitor is $1,578.00 Canadian at Is this a good deal? I remember seeing a 17inch Samsung at Future shop for around $1000 that looked the exact same except I didn't pay attention to the model number so it might have been different. Anyways, if I'm making a mistake buying this, then please let me know. Thanx.
April 14, 2002 5:27:32 PM

What is teh exchange rate for US dollars and Canadian?

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April 14, 2002 5:30:16 PM

Well, with the video card you have, and if you were looking at a CRT before, you might notice the ghosting. I think what you need to do is go to a store and have them hook a display up to where it displays native resolution and have them play a movie or maybe even a game. Flame says DVI and Analog mode make a difference in ghosting (right?), but I disagree with that notion. But no one really knows for sure I think. However, I do think that DVI and analog do have a difference in image quality, and DVI is just....clearer. I mean at first you won't notice it, but try DVI out for a week and then go back to analog and you will notice the difference (analog seems fuzzier to me). But anyway, I think you should look at some in person before you decide to buy one.

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April 14, 2002 5:30:50 PM

Nm, got it. Um, seems a little high.

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April 14, 2002 10:08:21 PM

I have one of the fastest LCDs around - the Eizo L365. I don't think it is a gaming monitor. But it realy depends on your eyes (I see choppiness in DVD movies at a friends place - she can not see them) and on your pickyness. If you are perfectionist, I will say wait - if not, try to get to see one running a demo of some sort before you buy.
April 14, 2002 11:19:21 PM

L365 doesn't display as well over 25fps,according to a review I read in a french magazine.

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April 15, 2002 2:47:41 PM

The reviews I read on the 170T say that it performs like a CRT monitor (with as much ghosting as your average CRT). If that is the case then I doubt I would notice any difference between my previous setup (which was a cheap 19" Daytek with a AIW Rage Pro) and the setup I plan to have (a 17" Samsung 170T with a Radeon 8500 128MB). I don't think I will be able to test the monitor before purchasing it because I can't find this monitor anywhere near me. I know that isn't a good idea but the only place I can find it is online and hundreds of klicks/mlics away. Anyways, what do you guys think of the reviews? Are they legit? Is this monitor really that good? Does anyone own one? Thanx for the help guys. Much appreciated.
April 15, 2002 7:00:24 PM

Obviously I wouldn't go around saying it performs as well as a CRT, cause 5nanoseconds vs 25ms is obviously a lot faster. Now the fact that it'll display moving images well from what I have heard, and seen (once at a local shop) I will not dispute, as it is true. It's also got good colors. Obviously before u buy it, talk to some others who own it to triple check.

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April 15, 2002 10:18:03 PM

i have the 170t and i love my monitor. it looks good exept the base, but the base is not ugly, it is just not as nice as they could have done it, but who cares. anyway the monitor has almost no ghosting as what i can see. im not a gamer, i maybe playa game 1 hour a week and for that time, i dont see any ghosting, even when i have dont tests liek a white square moving from side to side, it ghosted as much as my old 19" crt monitor, which means there is no ghosting as what i could see. and wich samsungs warranty you cant go wrong.
April 15, 2002 11:18:50 PM

Actually, I find that playing game that little will give a more accurate test, since you're less likely to become accustomed as fast, and therefore give a more accurate answer.

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