EPoX EP-EX5320N Support? No!No!

Hi I am a happy user of an Epox until about two months ago, still under warranty the motherboard blows a gasket and so leaves my little box of fun dead and going to the great Mobo heaven. I think Hey!! I know I will go to Epox and tell them my sad story and ask for a new Mobo, unfortunately they spend about a month to get in touch and will not sell me a new Mobo for the box. I offer good hard cash and the possibility of buying another 4 for a new venture I am trying to start, with the same end result. This is not good as my misses has fallen for the Epox she likes sitting in bed reading her emails or just listening to some mp3's.
So anyway this gets us to the problem, I have tried to download the drivers from Epox with no success, I have looked online for others with the whole driver package no luck and finally I have send another email to Epox to get a cd from them. This all comes down to one thing, Epox does not seem to care about their customers, they give no support at all to the point I had to go on ebay to buy a mobo for the ep5320 as Epox obviously have no need for my money and my loyalty. In other words if you are in the market for a shuttle or mini pc then please go somewhere else as this company will not support you so don't support them with your hard earned cash. Try the driver section ( http://www.epox.com/USA/downloads.asp ) where is everything to get this pc going? Where is the whole package of gui's? Why wont anything download? Really poor!! This is the last Epox I buy and the same for my company never will we own anything by this less than satisfactory company.

P.S. If anyone out there has a EP-EX5320N driver disc please contact me, let's see who gets to me first EPoX or one of you chap/ess'
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  1. try thier global site: http://www.epox.com.tw/eng/support.php?ps=403&type=2

    they went out of business or are restructuring or somes@#t, last year. i don't think they are in a normal state of business at this point.
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