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Am trying to build a gaming rig and i dont know with what type of processor should i go with, C2D or wait for Quad. A quad core is suppose to be the next big thing but will games actually use all four processors? I think that there is only a handful of games take advatage of the dual core tech. and to my knowledge Alan wake in the only game so far that will use Quad. Suggestions??any advise would help
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  1. If you have the money take the 4. In the future when apps do require more cores you won't have to upgrade again.
  2. Quote:
    If you have the money take the 4. In the future when apps do require more cores you won't have to upgrade again.

    i concur :wink:
  3. it will take some time to get games to fully utilize 2 cores, not to mention 4
  4. i totally agree
  5. cheapest Quad Core is suspected to be at least $800, so unless you plan to spend a grip of cash, then just get a core 2
  6. Besides What's you budget anyway?
  7. my budget is around $1500 ill be able to build a good gaming rig if i stick with C2D and overclock it, but i dont know if they will become obsolete in a year or two. which doesnt seem right since thse cpus just came couple of months ago.
  8. Personally, I'm planning on going C2D with a mobo that should allow for the quad-core upgrade path. None of the games I play, or an waiting for, are optimized for dualcore currently. I can't for the life of me wonder why I'd need to go quad anytime in the next year or two. by the time games start utilizing quad cores, I'd imagine they'll have either come out with newer/more efficient quads, or this first round of quads would be much better bang for the buck.

    Just my opinion.
  9. Quote:
    If you have the money take the 4. In the future when apps do require more cores you won't have to upgrade again.

    When 4 cores are being fully utilized, wont this 1rst gen quad core, conroe based cpu be outdated anyway?
  10. nope, look at some of the low end dual core procs rite now, pentium d 805 and x3800 x2 for amd. when u get dual core optimization like the 1.1 patch for cod2, game performance jumps and its around 30 percent in a game lik quake 4

    those procs are gonna be obsolete, i always go for around 3-4 years of proc life before upgrading. so buy a low end quad and ull be fine

    i would say quad core only if u hav 2 grand for a build, cuz ud want a gd gfx card to go with that, and then id also say, stay away from sli or xfire, get a low-high end card, dx10 lik the 8800gt and not a gtx, because of cost that really isnt worth it, ull still be playing on high settings, and u leave room to upgrade wich is a must for pc gaming wich u shoudl already know
  11. I agree the future is 4 cores. The problem is the Kentsfield use LOTS of power. Nearly twice of that of my Pentium 4 Prescott (Which never was that great).
    I rather get the cheapest Conroe now, then upgrade to the first true 4 core chip that will only power 1 core if only 1 core is needed.
  12. I really think that you should go with the dual core at this time. Quad cores sound great but what apps will use them? \

    [Quake4 does. What other games do? Help me out members)]

    The first Intel dual cores were, basically, 2 chips duct-taped together which is the case for the quads. They are two core dous slapped together.

    If you are going for a game rig I think you'd be great with a true dual core proc.

    As with everything in PCs, if you wait for the next best thing all you'll do is wait.
  13. If your budget it 1500 for an entire system then ya just get the C2D.

    Also does slapping 2 dual cores together instead of native 4 cores really make much difference in real world things?

    Quad cores sound great but what apps will use them?
    Everyone can use one. You would have almost no overhead and will result in speed increases when multitasking.
  14. Go with the dual core right now.You can upgrade to a quad core in a year or so when the prices are cheaper.And as others have said,it will take time to get games to utilize 2 cores let alone 4.Goodluck.


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  15. Just get two dual cores and glue them together.

    I am actually waiting for the octo cores to come out. No wait I want 16, 32, 48 heck I can't make up my mind.

    I hope the FSB speed, memory, video, software and hard drives can keep up with all of these cores.

    Like driving a Ferrari in down town NY city all that power and................you get my point.

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