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i just have some questions for the CPU buffs on the forums, first off i would like more info regardring torrenza, fusion, 4x4 (for what its worth, good or bad, beyond just prestiege) and the possibilities of AMD and ATI (serious ones, not silly things like close standarding out nvidia or intel, or things that only microsoft would really try to pull off). one thing that has specificly intrigued me is the torrenza initiative, altho i would imagine it would be hell for programers if a set API or something like that wasnt agreed on.
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  1. thanks, i have looked around the forum some. and i suppose some of my questions cant really be answered at the moment. i think torrenza is awesome, and it would be kinda ironic if intel released a processor that was compatible with it. but i have myself wondering what other processors will come about other then cell, that will be compatible with it. and whether or there will be options other then an opteron for the primary proccessor. or even if you will need one. (altho i dont suppose even DDR2 ram would work well with a cell, they dont tolerate latency very well????), anyways off for some more research, thanks for the info so far.
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