Does anyone have one of these motherboards?

Asus boards:

PX915G4 Pro
PX915P4 Pro

Looking to buy for under $60, mobos in "swell" conditions. Shipping can be talked out, but no more than $15.

If you do, I'm looking to buy one (FOR A GOOD PRICE) but am open to other boards too.

I want JUST the motherboard without heatsink or chip as this won't up the price and I already have them.

I prefer motherboards that have PCI-E X16, however, few do. AGP 8X is ok as well if it can support today's latest AGP cards and I can get it for just a few bucks. I'm looking for boards with high end chipsets such as Intel 915. 2 ram slots is fine, 4 is even better. If anyone has a great board that is trying to unload it, feel free to PM me with an offer!


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  1. Yes, I'm looking for FIVE specific motherboards for a reasonable price. I was able to find one of the motherboards I want online for over $250. Seems a little steep, don't you think? I search Pricegrabber and froogle. If it's not on one of those it's usually not online. Pricegrabber handles most of the large stores, from Circuit city to NewEgg to Ebay. Froogle searches a bit farther and wider. Note, I really am only looking for responses from someone who is sure of where I can find one, or who has one. I don't want to waste my time looking at every website known to man. :-P Thanks for the help anyway. At least someone responded! *Bump!
  2. No you don't. That's the P5, not the P4. :-( I need socket 478, not LGA775. I don't believe my chip will fit that. It's also too costly, I don't want to pay $70+ for an old mobo for an old processor.
  3. I currently have a Dell motherboard that doesn't even have an AGP slot. Since I have no AGP cards and they're less impressive, I prefer to have one of the top 478 boards that includes a PCI-E X16 slot. That way I can always drop one of my video cards down to the older system when I upgrade, or find a cheap 6800GTX to toss in the system and still have a playable system for friends. So if it has PCI-E X16 I'm all for it.
  4. Yeah, that's AGP. They're not to hard to find. What's the best AGP card out? Which is a better chipset? Via or SiS? My chip is only a 2.2ghz P4. I don't know if upgrading is even worth it. Maybe in another year they'll be cheaper as more people go to Vista and DX10 and get rid of their old socket 478s. Right now they're still a decent comp, but not worth upgrading with the other possible choices out there.
  5. Albatron - PX915P4C Pro
    Another board to look for.
  6. Albatron boards added to original post. These socket 478s are really hard to come by, the LGA775's are plentiful. :-\
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