P5B - Can't get Raid 0 to work, only 1 drive appears

please help me ASAP.. I am trying to get my system setup and configured today and I can't seem to get my two 200gig sata II drives to initialize in my P5B .

I have one drive connected to one of the red Sata ports and the other connected to the "j-micron" Raid port.

with this config only one drive is recognised in the Raid utility, along with my cd/dvd drive.

when I tried both drives on the red connectors, it could see both drives but then they don't appear at all in the raid utility....

is there a two-drive cable I need for the J micron port or how do I get both my drives set up as one stripped (raid 0) drive so I can install XP2 ??

I have tried almost everything... the stupid goddamn manual is NOT very easy to understand and it only tells you really basic shit... so frustrating !!!

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  1. With the P5B, the only two SATA connectors that can use RAID are the JMicron connectors. JMicron controls one internal port and the <b>external</b> port. If you want to RAID, you must use an external drive. You will need a higher-up model of P5B such as the Deluxe in order to use RAID on internal ports.
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