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Hi, I was just curious if anyone had any opinions on They are the only website that has my particular processor in stock. I have heard some horror stories, but that was a year or two ago. I'm concerned they'll be a pain to deal with if I am sent a defective part.
Any personal experiences anyone could share? Thanks.
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  1. In my experience with over 10 orders from them they're very reliable and have some pretty good customer service. Shipping has always been on time if not earlier also
  2. yep, when my card wasn't working and i had to pay by wire, they processed the payment much quicker than zipzoomfly, and they shipped it out quickly. have heard alot of complaints about them, but personally found them very good. their best aspect is they accept alot of payment options, newegg only accepts credit cards and checks.. their paypal option has been broken for eons, and they don't accept wires.
  3. I like tiger as well, very good customer service. Once had a board go bad on me and they accepted an RMA and sent me a better board for no extra.
  4. I've bought tons of stuff from Tiger and I've never had a problem
  5. anyone else wants to comment on TigerDirect?
    i live in europe and TG has the product i want and has by far the best price in europe and usa
    bellow is my experience with TG, i did not place an order i just contacted them and was disappointed

    i sent an email with 3 numbered questions, after i read everything on their website and the TG "Help Center"
    I immediately received a automated confirmation email reply and I like that and their main reply also came shortly but answered none of my questions and was almost irrelevant – it was just a quote from their online help section

    when i read their first reply i thought something went wrong, part of the email must had been corrupted, there was no other explanation, its like I asked “where?” and they answered “hello there”
    to my surprise even though the second reply - which also came on time - came from a different employee, it answered only one of my simple questions and again repeated a "dump" text written on their help section that contains no helpful information

    after that I was very disappointed since I thought I would buy something at a very good price from a trusted - and not new in the market - supplier but now I can not proceed with my order since I can not be convinced everything will go as planned

    if anyone has the patience required and wants to take a look at the emails exchanged between me and TG, be my guest and please help me understand what the problem is in this communication, maybe because I live in europe I did not understand something

    sorry for the long text im trying to see this through, im still hoping something went wrong so that I can fix it and continue with my order but no luck yet
  6. Don't fall for the rebate forms - the process is convoluted and full of tripups - chances of getting that rebate are almost nil. 3 out of 4 failed for me. They make it almost impossible. (Example: they offered multiple rebates for a single purchase but each rebate required the original UPC cut from the box. I tried explaining and photocopied and sent original invoices etc, but it wasn't accepted.) Watch out!
  7. in my opinion they are over priced.
    but since i live in canada i was limited to good places to buy.
    i used
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